I’m a little fed up.

It’s in regard to users who complain about the very freedoms that make social media great – free speech – be it celebrities or anyone else that posts their views and comments publicly into the diverse and vast pool of the Internet, then complain when they attract comments they don’t like.

If you made a post saying that green apples were nicer than red ones, I’m sure someone, somewhere would take exception to this and a heated debate would ensue.  That’s the result of being in the wonderful global community of the Internet with an estimated 3.2 billion people.

For some though, that figure just doesn’t register and they’ll stare in bewilderment that anyone could not agree with them and then to make matters worse, insult them.

There are awful people in this world, there are awful views in this world, but knowing this, then complaining when you experience them, begs the question, do you think the Internet is a place of global freedom and exchange of idea’s, or do you want the Internet to bow down to what you consider the Internet should be?

For those people I have an idea.  Lets create the Happyweb.  Everyone is vetted and registered, with expulsion for any comment that anyone deems unpleasant or if they disagree with whatever it is that is being talked about.  Instead of a reply button, there can be an “I agree” button, a “You are so great” button and maybe also a “You’re an inspiration to everyone” button.  It will be a happy, great, place – the place to be…..

Now there are inexcusable behaviours online, there is no doubt there, but everyone has a mute/block button and failing that a switch off can be considered if you really think its too bad.  Or do you think the rest of the planet needs to see your posts so much that anything which disturbs your proclamations to the planet should be removed?  I’ve had threats, insults and countless other attacks on me whilst being online (probably for at least a decade longer than any complainer) is it right? well that’s a point of view.  Is it an example of the Internet being the last bastion of free speech on the planet? Yes, I think it is and that’s why I get on with life regardless of the good or bad directed at me.  Why can’t others do the same? and if they can’t should they really be online at all?

The word “troll” no longer means just “troll” any more, as it seems that when some people come across another whose opinion they can’t counter, they will simply label them “troll” so as not to highlight the short-comings of their own position.

Celebrities (some) seem to be the worst here.  They are very happy when Twitter is promoting their latest TV show, magazine article or book, but dare to suggest their views are not what people want to hear or be critical and the “troll” name comes out.  The clever people, the correct people can easily challenge an opposition to their views and if they can’t, then should they really be on a global social media network anyway? – This is where personal attacks would be highlighted by them, to which I say, then either block, ignore or leave social media.  They won’t though they want their cake and eat it.  When they are basking in their self believed greatness with a plethora of fans looking to gain favour with a nice comment, they are loving it.

I dislike many of the views of Katie Hopkins, but to give her credit, she will give a voice to anyone critical of her, showing free speech as its meant to be.

So lets bring in the Happyweb for all those complaining about the global free speech we have here.  Sure it sometimes isn’t pleasant, but isn’t that free speech?  Can you ever please all the people all time?  One thing I can bet, if the Happyweb with its select few members ever was created, it would be the last place you’d find the celebrities who are complaining at the moment.  You can’t self-promote in a tiny social media platform, can you?

I think it would be obvious, even to the complainers, that the Happyweb – “Because you’re great” would not be popular, I would predict it would be akin to Pub serving no alcohol.  A depressing, forced happiness where people would be too frightened to express themselves and as nonsensical as a boxer complaining about the other fighter trying to hit them in the ring.  Breaking news: People can get passionate about a view, people can get angry, people can be spiteful and insulting…but hey, that’s the real world too, isn’t it?

The adult and sensible thing to do with a post that you find offends, is to challenge it, or ignore it.  Some people can’t though, so they complain.

Anyone who feels the need to complain about social media – I’d happily wave them goodbye and off to their HappyWeb,  with like minded happy souls who want nothing but the nice and pleasant.  I’m happy to take the insults and attacks thrown at me, because it highlights the value of free speech, where people can express themselves, good or bad, in an articulate or silly way.

On a final note, I think many of us “Geeks” would prefer the majority of those I loosely describe as PC users to just leave anyway.  We were here before it was “trendy” and saw online computing transform into a world of pointless celebrities, adverts and marketing by those seeking self opportunity on a global forum as soon as the mainstream hooked onto it.

So maybe this post is more for the complainers and the celebrities who are pointless.  Please….go off and create your Happyweb, I’ll help in any way I can, if you promise not to return once you are there.