Vote Remain or Leave?

I’ve championed diversity for many years.  I’m a strong supporter of immigration into the country and I still hold this view as one of my core beliefs when talking about the UK.  I dare anyone to mention the “racist” word to me when I say I wish the UK to leave the EU, because I’ll simply ask them whilst I’ve publicly championed diversity (with the ability to prove that for over a period of 8 years) what have they done?  Nothing I’d suggest and that’s because their fear of us leaving the EU, will have some of the vote remain campaign resort to any dirty trick they can.

Lets look at immigration for a second.  If we remain in the EU and our borders remain open to the EU, does that not affect the numbers of people we can take from countries not part of the EU?  Personally I think a diverse Britain is a Britain that has immigration from a number of countries, rather than just from the EU which is becoming more like one superstate.  I personally think diversity will be greater outside of the EU where we can draw people from all over the world to live and work and raise families in this country.  The open borders to Europe will surely reduce the numbers we can take from elsewhere.  There has to be a finite number of people the UK can have from around the world.  If we have open EU borders, that number surely has to be reduced significantly?

David Cameron will have you believe that a vote out will be a disaster of biblical proportions and his supporters will often take any facet of life you care to mention and imply that with a vote out, the UK will be worse off.  I dare one of the vote remain camp to come here and say I don’t champion diversity – go on…just one person…I dare you.  I also challenge one vote in campaigner to show how a UK company will suffer with actual figures rather than implication and sound bites.   If the EU is so great for UK employment, where was the EU with BHS or Tata Steel? – Nowhere, because its nonsense.

Lets forget for a second about the dirty tricks used by some of the “vote in” and just think of a little logic…

An example – A German company sells us things.  We like those things and buy them. If we came out of the EU would that German company turn around and say “We are not selling, we don’t want to make money from someone not in the EU”.

Now lets consider the flip side of the coin with our German example.   Germany buys products from us.  Are they buying these products out of a feeling of charity or that they feel sorry for us?  No.  Well then why on earth would they stop buying when we leave?  They won’t.   Of course there will be changes in procedure for buying and selling these products as a result of leaving, but this won’t be a problem.  How do I know this? because we trade with countries not in the EU very happily thank you very much.

So next time you hear someone say the “R” word to a Brexit supporter, remind them that joining a superstate of European Countries is not as diverse as looking to the whole world to draw on for people to live and work in this country.  Next time someone claims economic ruin, think twice –  Can anyone say what the future of the UK will be in 10 years time either in or out?  No, of course not, nobody can.  Its a gamble either way, as with any major decision in life.

Its time for the UK to take back control over its own future, its time for the UK to say, we want to be the example for the rest of planet, but we’ll do it our way.  Perhaps a difficult truth for the “vote in” people, I’m actually a Respect Party supporter which makes it very difficult for them if they try to use the “R” word on me.  I can prove a history and present support of multi-culturalism which is the topic I hold most dear.  My only disappointment with the leave campaign is that it has seen Farage (and others) crawling out from under their figurative rock to put their 10p in.  It also allows some of those who vote in, to use dirty tricks in order to put their opinion onto people.

As for the dirty tricks used by some.  I won’t be engaging in those.  The “In/Out” vote is for people to voice their opinion – democracy in action.  If the UK remains, it doesn’t have a bearing on my life at all, but the “in/out” vote asks for my opinion, so I’ll give it.

Leaving the EU in my view is like leaving home for the first time.  It might seem scary leaving the parents and having to make decisions yourself, but ultimately the rewards of doing so speak for themselves.



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