Why I don’t like Star Wars – Force Awakens

Having now watched the Force Awakens, my measured view is – rubbish.  But why?

The film is peppered with winks to the original Star Wars franchise, combine that with “happy coincidences” in the plot that allow the story to progress – “lets steal a ship, oh look its the Falcon, oh look we’ve just bumped into Solo and oh look Leah has just turned up”….and on it goes.

I doubt there was any intended reference to Harry Potter, but we also see Voldermort as the evil Sith lord and even Solo’s son manages to look like Snape from house Slytherin.

The Storm troopers have lost their gritty look and now replaced with what looks like a cheap imitation that you might find someone wearing at a Sci-Fi convention.

And what of the aliens? Well somehow they have managed to make some of them look less realistic than the original Star Wars films, with a weathered Leah and Solo looking almost as plastic.

Perhaps though the biggest disappointment is that its not following the Star Wars extended universe which has had so many fans and supporters all these years,  I expect that is so Disney can sign a crossover deal and have a showdown between the Sith and Griffindor in a later film.

Suffice to say, I won’t be joining them on their adventures.

“The force is gone with this one”


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