EBOOK REVIEW: The Unnoticed – Dennis Jones

51LEEJlfDFL._SX279_BO1,204,203,200_It has been a long while since I reviewed a book and with my own work going through the legalese that accompanies a published work, I decided to review some self published works. As readers here will have seen, I’m a fan of self published and whilst the preferred route for my work is a “traditional” publishing one, my favourite title of 2014 was self published.  I fully support the self published author and believe there are some fantastic titles out there which rate far above those from “big name” publishers and authors.

I was kindly sent a review copy of “The Unnoticed UFO’s and Aliens are real” by Dennis Jones. There are no spoilers in this review and as always it needs to be stated that these opinions are mine and mine alone.

The first question I have in regards to this book, is to ask if its presented as real or a work of fiction. The synopsis on Amazon says it’s a true story yet its listed in the fiction section. The cover also presents a contradiction, in the top left we see the words “new novel” and at the bottom of the cover we see “new evidence”. Fact or fiction? I’m not clear.

Getting past the contradiction in its text, I think it would be fair to suggest that some time needs to be invested in the design for the Amazon entry (if it is indeed to be used as the selling image) There’s nothing wrong with the photo and for maybe a back cover image it would be fine, but I feel the design of the cover does not endear itself to a new reader of the author’s work and comes across as amateur. What is also strange is that within in the ebook there is a far better cover which should have been, in my opinion, the one used in the Amazon entry.

If I had to sum up the book in a single word, I’d say quirky. We are taken through the story of a man (John) who relayed his experiences to the writer, who presents them to the reader, peppering personal questions, views and experiences, some pertaining to the subject matter, some not.

The book has a habit to go off the topic at hand, exploring different facets of Alien theory with a series of questions, or a small story of an incident that has no real bearing on what the book is about and this maybe hits upon another issue of the book. As far as aliens are concerned, there’s not as much on that as you’d expect. The book mainly is a series of liaisons and relationships with women & bars/restaurants with many claims as to the wealth the author has achieved and the material goods he’s purchased with it.

And its for this reason I use the word “quirky” because the book feels rather fragmented. Rather than a sequential evidential storyline, there are many other snippets of information and view placed into the text. At first glance it seems to make the work slightly disorganized and the simplistic text with some needless repetition giving the book an almost unedited feel until you realize that there’s more to this title than just aliens.  This actually lends to its charm in a strange way. There are some errors within the text too and will hopefully be resolved as the book becomes more mature.   It is in my view, in desperate need of an edit.

I’d have preferred a book with a more structured prose but despite the faults, I can’t deny that it had me reading until the end, so I decided to explore why that was a little further in this review.

The Unnoticed reads a little like an enthusiastic speaker at a conference who is passionate and knowledgeable about their subject, but has too much opinion to relay in a short period of time and has done no planning beforehand. Throughout the book are also a series of questions wondering as to the intent of Alien contact, one of which in particular I think could potentially be offensive and I personally think it inappropriate to suggest it within the text. I think any author when offering their view and asking questions should keep in mind that whilst an investigation for truth is always a good thing, it doesn’t need to potentially offend people. This book I’d also rate as being for mature audiences, whilst it cannot be described as erotica, some of the recalled experiences are more than just “left to your imagination”.

The claims of success in life by the author are poorly written in my view and sound more like the words of a braggart whilst at the same time not sounding real. This, combined with some of the relationship scenario’s had the effect for me of creating a genuine dislike for the author and giving me the impression that the author has an almost childlike view of relationships.

Another issue I have with the book is the conversation, when quoted, it doesn’t quite seem real and more than that, in some places almost contrived. The same opinion applies to many of the stories recalled during the book. I would like to know categorically what this is presented as – fact or fiction, because some of the stories don’t strike me as realistic. Maybe there was not enough detail in the side stories that make them appear to me as unreal, or maybe this is indeed a work of fiction? Its understandable that it is difficult to relay conversations from years past word perfect, but I think that work needs to be done on the included conversations in order to keep the spirit of the conversation but at the same time sound real.

Despite the issues, the book is incredibly easy to read, this is in part due to the simplistic use of language. You will progress through this book quickly and hopefully forget these issues as I did, taking it as either fact or fiction depending on your personal views. Maybe its because I have just finished reading a rather heavy (and rather dull) series of books that “Unnoticed” comes as a welcome read, if only maybe for the wrong reasons.

If you don’t come to this work expecting a literary masterpiece, you’ll find an interesting piece of light reading if only because you’ll want to see the next non-alien related recollection.

If I’d only paid $3.00/£1.99 for it, I’d consider it on the whole, money well spent. I would seriously recommend the book goes through another edit/proof read because the errors in the text may serve to turn some people away from the title.  Maybe more attention should be given to the dialogue because the conversations and some of the side stories just don’t sit right with me.

If you are looking for revelations and ground breaking evidence over and above that which is out there already, I think you’ll be disappointed. Essentially this book presents the hearsay evidence of an individual who is not fully identified and deceased. Since there is a picture of “John”, I wondered why his details were not given out. I’ve searched for Mayors named John and cannot find any that resemble the picture. Maybe the author can resolve this?

Maybe the point of the book is when investigating UFO/Alien theory it is all down to a matter of perspective, because there is nothing in this title either ground-breaking or revolutionary in respect of aliens in my view. This applies if you believe that they (aliens) are here or not. I would almost go so far as to say, that this is an alien book second and a snippet of life story from the author first, who according to the text, has only ever seen strange objects in the sky.

You can find the Unnoticed at Amazon.

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