The unfairness of being organized.

Why is it that every year I leave all the Xmas organization until the last minute and somehow get away with everything working out?

This year I’d prepared everything in advance, we’ll be in the North East of England for Christmas and I’d sorted most things out well before the Xmas rush began.

In November was the sad passing of my Grandmother and now my wife has fallen ill (nothing serious) but has knocked out my well organized schedule.

So I apologize if you are waiting a response from me, if you’ve kindly got in touch and not received a reply or even if you just miss that odd humorous message from me in the early hours of the morning because of time zones.

At least the Xmas family get together is all sorted and all the people who I want to catch up with I’ll be seeing at some time over the holiday, who will be visiting me for a mince pie.

Now I’ve got my remaining tasks (which should have been done by now) down to 4.

  1. Finish an interview video for my channel.
  2. Get review finished for a reviewers copy of a book I was sent.
  3. General admin/tidy up of the Red Star website.
  4. Get to at least one soccer game before Santa visits.

Fingers crossed and maybe next year I will default to my last minute panic at Xmas time – it seems to serve me better.



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