Tiles,Windows and other ramblings.

Overmorrow I’ll be getting the tiles sorted on the roof.  The recent storms have, I’m told, made the majority of tiles unstable/unsettled and need some remedial work, that’s on top of the ones which went the journey.  You might be wondering not so much about a roofing issue I have, which I’m sure is of no concern to you, but more the word “overmorrow”.  Its an obsolete word meaning “the day after tomorrow” and I think it needs to make a comeback.  So here’s to starting its revival.

Windows 8, isn’t that bad.  Or more accurately, it isn’t bad enough to want me updating a laptop of my son’s to Windows 10 – its quite refreshing to see that the next generation of computer users are more concerned with apps, not the platform they are running on and since many of these apps are web based (Google Docs et al) then its doubtful we will ever see a hold on the home PC as we did in the past.  When I was at school, Windows was the word everyone knew and talked about.  Nowadays how many of the new generation of users even know which version they are using?

Talking of the next generation of users, do you think many of those will be PC power gamers?  I don’t.  The consoles have the market for gaming and I think the next generation will have no interest in PC gaming and its ever increasing spec’s race.  When you read online about the latest trends in gaming on the general forums, there’s very little mention of PC gaming in my view.

Donald Trump seems to be at it again with another remark that’s hit the media (I won’t justify it by repeating), reinforcing my opinion that he would be excellent at playing a bad guy in the WWE and maybe instead of running for President should consider a career in Sports Entertainment.  I would hope that come the time of voting, people show him that his views and tactics are not what they want in office.  People are asking where Donald Trump gets his information when talking about the UK and to me if I was to guess I’d say its quite likely to be the online forum for Super Mario because its nonsense.

People say Donald has no chance of getting into power.  I say otherwise – I hope I’m wrong.

Youtube adverts are nearly at the point where the service is no longer appealing to me.  I have a policy (in respect of ads) if there is no “skip” button then I don’t watch the accompanying video.   I thought some US channels were saturated with adverts, but Sky and now Youtube are competition for them.  Sky (on the rare occasions I see it) is unwatchable for me now and although I hate myself for saying it, I find BBC News a favourable alternative to Sky News.



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