Broadband for all! – At a price! & other musings

It has been an eventful week.  First and foremost the passing of my Grandmother who at 93 years of age left our family peacefully at St Benedicts Hospice in the North East of the UK.  I would like to thank all the staff there for the kindness, professionalism and dignity they afforded my Grandmother in her last days.

I’m currently producing a YouTube video with material from a discussion with Michael Horn, the media representative for Billy Meier.  A fascinating gentleman.  It asks as many questions as it does give answers, which is a good thing.  No matter what your views, I’m sure people will enjoy it.

Barrack Obama is now on Facebook.  What can you say about that? About time?  Its doubtful anything Mr Obama gets up to will go under the radar of the mainstream media, so quite what this more personal venue of the president will provide is anyone’s guess.

The UK government is always a source of entertainment, comical, shocking and just plain ignorant.  For those who keep an eye on UK affairs there’s much going on.  Sus scrofa domesticus Cameron, has proclaimed that in 5 years, 10mbit broadband will be looked with at the same (in terms of right) as electricity.  Announced shortly after the new laws that everyone’s internet history can be looked at without warrant.   It seems the right of innocent until proven guilty has taken another hit in the UK, now there is no innocent, its “we’ll have a look and decide if you’ve done anything wrong”.  Investigative policing in the UK now seems more like a fishing trip.

And “fishing trip” investigating is probably for the best.  When looking at the “expertise” of the “specialists” we can see that government agencies fall well behind that of the private sector.  I suppose this is to be expected, if you are an in-demand specialist with real skills, then the lure of private sector pay and benefits far outweighs anything a government agency can offer.  If you want the good pay and perks then the only government role that offers those is to become an MP.



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