A troubled planet – News and musing around the world.

If you needed proof humanity is lost, look no further than the news of One Direction and their cancelled concert.  According to the source of parenting and life advice (Sky News) there were reports of weeping fans sounding more like a scene of Luke 13:28 rather than a naff boy band cancelling an event due to one of them having the figurative sniffles.

Keeping on the topic of Sky News, what is it with the short advice video’s seemingly posted every morning.  This morning we were treated to advice on social media.    Let me say now, if you find yourself being helped by Sky News with their life advice – get rid of your technology, you are not responsible enough to be using these things without supervision.  The only advice Sky television gives is more indirect and that’s to switch it off, the volume of commercial breaks that are stuffed into their programming, for me makes them entirely unwatchable.

Keeping on the subject of adverts, if ever there was a warning for not pursuing AI and robotics, its the adverts that feature Brian the Robot.  Has there ever been a more annoying and unfunny example of artificial intelligence and a better warning that its one area of technology we shouldn’t dabble in?

Disney have managed something which I don’t think anyone would consider possible a few years ago – get people excited with an advert for an advert.  The build-up (and teaser) adverts to a trailer which was released the other day for a movie had many people in a frenzy and is a sad indictment of today’s society.  Is a movie something in life people feel the need to get into a frenzy over? Tragic.

Its “Back to the Future” day today, the date in which Marty goes to in the future.  Presumably because people have nothing better to do, a big issue is made of the predictions in the movie.  Holographic movie trailers? Nope not turned up.  Hoverboards? No not really, the tentative steps taken towards them seem to have been inspired by the movie so it was hardly a prediction, more of an encouragement.  Auto drying clothes? Nope.  The only predictions I see that are correct are baseball caps still being worn and groups of teenagers terrorising members of the public.  I suppose video conferencing is a correct prediction, but even that wasn’t accurate as anyone using a video conferencing service will attest that its often more a story of lag and disconnections.


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