David Beckham & the Media

Is it a slow news day?  We have Sky News frightening people with information about “terror” that although is being dealt with by the appropriate agencies, is seen fit to put into the mainstream domain in order to remind people that they are powerless to do anything.   Make sure you support your government! They will look after you! Trust in your government, they know best! – Yeah right.

So it is with no surprise that after a little frightening of the masses, there comes the mind numbingly dull news about a celebrity and their child that is next.

David Beckham, footballer and whatever else he does, has come under criticism from some social media after his 4 year old was pictured in public with a dummy.

Beckham has hit back with a response for those that question his parenting skills.

So those who criticise think twice about what you say about other people’s children because actually you have no right to criticise me as a parent

Don’t they David?  If you were an average person on the street then you may have a point, but you are not are you?  You made your living in the public eye did you not?  Your wife makes her living in the public eye.  I would expect if you had been praised for being a good parent you’d not be so quick to say “no right” would you?

4 years old does seem to me to be rather late in years to have a dummy.  My children voluntarily gave up those things early on.   Sadly though, we see all too often that strains can be put onto the children of celebrities and their lifestyles, so maybe a 4 year old still having a dummy is not to be unexpected.

David has been told about potential issues of having a dummy later in a child’s life, so its now up to him what he does next.  He opted into the celebrity lifestyle and should know very well that every aspect of his life will be under scrutiny.  He is free to make his own parenting decisions, but he will do so under the spotlight of the media.

And now we await the next pointless story to hit the press.  I think the frightening stories are done for now so expect more Beckham type nonsense for the next few days.

Move along now and remember to focus your attention on stories of dummies whilst keeping scared of the “T” word and trusting your government to know what’s best for you.

There’s a conspiracy theory running around at the moment where a meteor is due to hit Earth in September which will push us back to the stone age.  For me, that can’t come quick enough.

Stop the world, I want to get off.


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