Water, Trump & Bad Haircuts

Boris Johnson is not having a good day, his “bargain” buy of water cannons has turned out to be a waste since he’s not going to be able to offer them as a tactical option to Police.  The Police Service won’t be happy either, there will be no playing with giant water pistols for them and if they feel they are unable to deal with crowds safely with current training and resources, then I suggest they either retrain or an agency is brought in that can deal effectively.  Maybe its time to look more closely at how police are dealing with disorder and ask the question of those whose role it is to train front-line officers? The upper echelons of Police rank are very quick to spout “Lessons have been learnt” when the latest failing hits the media, so maybe they can take all the lessons they have “learned” in public order and come up with something that safeguards its officers and public better? – If those in the upper echelons can’t, then bring in people that can.

Boris Johnson claims the strong support of London’s population for the introduction of water cannons – to which I would respond, since when did public opinion count for much when you already have a plan in mind?  It took the SNP to put the stoppers on the Tory’s fox hunting plans despite massive outcry; and if we are going to look at public opinion, how many people want the TV license scrapped?  Are you going to tackle that next Boris? If you want an issue with massive public support, that’s one right there.  It might not be related to the office of Mayor, but when has that stopped you in the past?

Mrs May though was able to deliver a little humour whilst softening the blow of not allowing water cannons when she said that the deployment of the weapon could have a negative impact on public perceptions of police – Whatever you say Mrs May, because the Met Police’s copper chopper taking pictures of celebrities and putting them online without consent is not creating a negative perception, is it?

Moving from Boris but related because Trump, like Boris proves that whilst money may not be able to buy you love, it also doesn’t buy a decent haircut.   Trump continues his campaign across America which is akin more to a WWE event and whilst he may be able to convince a few with a Hulk Hogan type “Whatcha gonna do”, it seems his business interests are not exactly jumping on the same bandwagon.  In the UK, the word “trump” can refer to breaking wind.  How apt since good old Donald blows it out all the time.

Its a wibbly wobbly world out there.


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