A look at Pleiadians & Lia Shapiro

Not a day goes by without the discovery of another purveyor of Alien messages & teaching.  Today we will be looking at Lia Shapiro and the Pleiadians.  When I first started looking at the alien industry a few years back I expected there to be some sort of “unified theory” and whilst to some extent that holds true, what I have discovered is that just about whatever you want to believe, has been catered for somewhere with books, DVD’s and talks.

I digress, Ms Shapiro is our article for today and she will take pride of place with others in a future media project.

But before we do that, lets look at what/who the Pleidians are….or claimed to be, depending on the type of reality you inhabit.  We will use the Pleiadians.net site to explore this subject further, since it seems to advertise the book and music of Lia Shapiro and its blog posts are made in the name of Lia, its reasonable at this time to assume that the site, the author and the “musician” are one and the same person.

The Pleiades are a cluster of beautiful, dazzling stars located in the constellation of Taurus. With a telescope, you can see about one-hundred stars.

Source: http://pleiadians.net/who_are_they_/who_are_they_.html

So that’s pretty straight forward.  NASA is wrong (or hiding things) when they are saying our best hope to discover alien life is to look to moons of some planets in our solar system, all the time these Pleiadian’s are appearing in the heads of people like Lia with a message of goodwill and enlightenment (in Lia’s case for sale, in a book in addition to the website).   I hope NASA hangs their head in shame with all the hardware they have blasted into space, all the millions spent on equipment, when all they had to do was speak with Lia and they can get their answers straight from source.

So now I’ve given you a tantalizing taster of whats in Lia’s mind (Pleiadians apparently) you would be forgiven for wanting maybe a little bit more of what you can see of the Pleiadians.

Although in physical time, the Pleiadians are 541 light years away, they have learned to navigate other worlds, although not always in space ships. They understand our fear of the unknown, and so they come to help in ways that are non-threatening. They are coming now, sometimes in physical form where they can blend in, but most often through human consciousness.

Source: http://pleiadians.net/who_are_they_/who_are_they_.html

Its a pretty exciting time to be living in.  Our new friends the Pleiadians don’t just use spaceships, they appear in peoples minds, so maybe that’s why you have not seen them?  Well maybe.  Read on, you decide.

The Pleiadians are keen to ensure people are not frightened of them.  And you can understand that, there you are one day sitting on the loo reading the paper when an alien pops into your mind, its enough to require anyone to have to flush the toilet twice.  So who’s mind are they appearing in?  Well here is a music video of Lia Shapiro – she’s passing on their teachings, although if that has manifested itself in this video is anyone’s guess:

This is supposed to be some sort of Pleiadian message/song/tribute (delete as appropriate), those Pleiadian’s really know how to party eh? And getting past the “I’ve been on 10 pints of wicked strength lager” dance routine, for those disappointed that the Pleiadian’s are not about to land in their yard, take heart, there’s good news:

don’t be surprised, but it may be a physical arrival, and yes, by spaceships, we also can travel through time.

Source: http://pleiadians.net/awakening/pleiadian-arrival-to-earth.html

Wow.  Time travelling too? But don’t worry, if you don’t find yourself visited by a time-travelling Pleiadian in a spaceship, as we said earlier, there’s always a visitation to your mind.  I’m sure Lia will be able to give you advice there.

541 Light years is one heck of a distance to make the trip in a spaceship and you can’t imagine the insurance premiums to get cover for that sort of distance.  No claims bonus protection?  You can forget it if you are making a journey that long.  Then there’s other considerations like planning a route with enough toilet stops and having enough sweets, colouring books and DVD’s to keep the kids entertained.

So that’s scratched the surface of our galactic chums the Pleiadians.  Since Lia has written a book, I expect she’s the one to go to for more information.  You can find the book (and her “music”) on her Website.

Forgetting the answers to the universe for a second, the one question I have remaining is:

Is Star Seed Press a vanity press or an established business?  Outside of a mention on the website above, I’ve yet to find any further information on this “publisher”.  Maybe someone can forward this information?

The shame is, all that money is being wasted on the LHC when all the scientists have to do is come and speak with an Alien channeller to get their information about the nature of the universe.  For the cost of a session or a book, they could save themselves a fortune.

Now for a concept that really will be “alien” to many people in the alien industry – All the people/aliens/theories featured in these articles are part of a larger media project which will be released – wait for it…. for free.  Now I apologise if the idea of free is offensive to some, but I happen to believe in its ethos when it comes to giving information to people.  I hope this doesn’t offend our Pleiadian’s who, through the sale of “Lia’s” book and music get their message to you.

Since I started the article I had contact from the Webpages Twitter account.  Here’s some of the things they have to say:

We are not here to prove anything to you. We are here to inspire you to learn more and let that learning help you evolve.

So maybe the only question remaining of them would be, when they say on their website:

Certain Pleiadians are highly evolved, more so than most of the  human species.  The Pleiadian Realm is the next step or level in our human evolution.  It is for this reason that certain knowledge is being given to us by specially enlightened Pleiadian beings.  There are those that want to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny.

Are they presenting that “information” as a fact or a fantasy?  If they are not here to prove anything, how is that statement backed up? How would someone say believe this information over say that of David Icke?  How can someone evolve anything by simply a statement on the internet?  Do they advocate going around the net believing things at a whim and then buying into their revenue streams?

So fact or fantasy? That’s for you to decide.  Maybe someone will give an answer as to if this is presented as fact or fantasy,  or maybe the Pleiadians can pay me a visit and I’ll be able to pass on their answers.  Don’t hold your breath.

Scotty, one to beam up.


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  1. The tongue-in-cheek Superman series “Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman” actually pokes fun of all of this a bit in a series of episodes where Lois’ next door neighbour channels them to help Kal-El, this neighbour of course knowing that Clark Kent is Kal-El when poor Lois works with him every day and cannot figure this out until season 3!

    Great fun! Maybe I should rewatch the series this month!

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