The Flat Earth Theory – An introduction to the people, places and the flat plane.

Meet Dave Johnson, he's got video's to tell you all about Flat Earth (and a plethora of other topics) Img Source:
Meet Dave Johnson, he’s got video’s to tell you all about Flat Earth (and a plethora of other topics)
Img Source: G+ Page

Another article looking at the numerous theories, views and perceptions on the Internet. Humanity has progressed so far in its short history.  We’ve gone from basic tools to microprocessors in a very short time (in relation to the universe itself) Along the way we have hit some stumbling blocks, some hurdles to cross.  One such hurdle was that the world was flat, but we got over that and progressed on when people discovered the idea a nonsense.  Or is it a nonsense? Out there on the interwebs there’s a community of people keen to promote the Flat Earth theory – putting aside conventional thinking and maybe even experiences to investigate and promote the idea we live on a Flat Earth. I’d like you to meet Dave Johnson, he has done much work into Flat Earth and whilst he may only get a few hundred views to his work, he’s certainly putting the effort in to tell you about his views.  If you’ll spend the time, he’s got much material to share.  How he finds the time to put all this work in is not clear, but there’s a lot of work there, that at the very least shows the level of dedication to his cause. Lets look at what Mr Johnson has to say to people with a different point of view.  Its important to have balanced opinion and in his quest to show the Flat Earth as it really is, he has many messages to pass on to people (or trolls) – those who don’t share the same level of knowledge as him? here’s one of his messages:

Trolls you have nothing left, Its all accounted for. it is not a debate. It is Fact. The moon sun stars are lights, there is no deep space. PEriod. nothing you troll or rage about or try to confuse others with matters, nothing you Pretend “not to get” is your own ignorance and your own’d chains. you are Nothing to anyone and nobody to yourself. Trolls,liars you will not be here long so be mindful of that. you will just disappear and no one will even know you stopped by. No longer are the Fools and Liars invited to this talk.

I recommend you see his work over on his Youtube channel.  You can get to that via his Google+ page which is underneath his photo. Dave has discovered that the path of his truth is not an easy one and has many battles with people who don’t agree that the Earth is flat.

all those that commune with evil and then come here acting as a friend, you will be blocked from this page. Guess what that’s perfectly fine. YOU don’t have free speech in my Room, Only I do. Don’t be butt hurt make a video then you have the same “power”

Which sadly maybe highlights the mountain he has to climb to get people agreeing with his particular views. So what do you think? Earth flat? Well the choice is yours. And his message to his detractors?

I mean that the shills are losing the grip and are starting to tremble as they fall they sheep pin opens and out they come again. As they run out thats when they can be shown the truth . SOme will fall pray to another House of Slavery as well, its all these little battles that get the word out

We will be looking in more depth later at his work and who knows, maybe we can get words from Dave Johnson here?  Maybe discuss his work, what he believes and why he believes it?

So for now, whether your world is flat or a sphere, have a great day on it!


6 thoughts on “The Flat Earth Theory – An introduction to the people, places and the flat plane.

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  1. This is a joke right? nobody is that stupid are they? does he still believe in dragons and witches too

    1. definitly not a joke but a actual fact and reality I didnt believe in flat earth at 1st but few days later I was a believer !

      1. Right. So you believe it so its not a joke but a fact….. Right, got it. You have my sympathy. But as long as you stay away from your imaginative edge of the world, I’m sure you’ll be ok…. Just remember…..its turtles all the way down!

  2. No its no joke, as far as I can tell he’s not doing this to wind people up or give them a cheap laugh. If that’s the result though its a win/win for everyone. If you believe it you love the vids and if you don’t you are entertained by them with their comedy value.

  3. The guy is seeking attention, he’d say the world was a pyramid if he thought he would get some views on his videos. maybe somewhere in that twisted mind he actually believes it, but hes barking at the wind.

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