The Circus of UKIP – on a TV near you!

The election may be over, but that means little.  The Circus of UKIP has parked up in town and election or not its show rumbles on.

Farage is in, he’s out, he’s in again, but others want him out.  That’s just one of the many sideshows on display with UKIP.  The question that needs to be asked now, after days of this pantomime, if the UK held an election again, how many votes would UKIP actually get?

We can only guess.  But one thing is for sure, the ringmaster Farage is clearly in top form, presenting you with “Carry on” Politics.

Stuart Wheeler, a spread betting tycoon who has given £600,00 to Ukip, led calls for Mr Farage to resign and for the party to have an election.

Source: Telegraph

I don’t think there will be an election for leadership, I don’t believe the story Farage pushes out about his overwhelming support in the party, but it matters not, the whole thing is a joke, played out on our TV and thankfully we have the option to turn over the channel when we get sick of it.

I’ve made no secret of my disgust in UKIP.  I’ve disgust in the way they turn politics into a circus and I think in a modern UK there is no place for their “thinking”.  A quick look at all the drama’s over the last year and some of the people in this “party” didn’t put some voters off.  With 1 seat they are pretty much a non-issue now, it is only by way of drama that these people will stay in the public eye.  I would hope next election the UK voters send the final message that UKIP have no place in politics.

I do have a UK vote and I keep an interest in North East UKIP Jonathan Arnott – who in my view needs to change his Twitter logo and remove “representing the North East”.  You don’t represent the NE, you didn’t get in and if Mr Arnott with 3300 followers and no seat can claim that, what can I claim?  I’ve over 10,000 followers and I’d put money on having more people visiting my site and wanting to read what I say.

If you want to save time instead of keeping up with all the UKIP drama that will play out over the next few years, just watch this video instead, it will give you just as accurate a report.


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