UKIP, The Royals and other random musing.

Will the alien spaceship that’s claimed to like this area take me away? I’ll let you know!

UKIP are political pioneers!  Whilst most parties wait until they get into power before performing U-turns on their election promises, UKIP have gone one step further and U-turned before that.  With 1 seat the UKIP leader couldn’t have had a good day, failing to win his own seat, he fulfilled an election promise to resign…..and then he returned.  I had already predicted he would be back in the leadership role by September, but even I didn’t expect it would be a matter of days before we saw “Politic Wars – Farage Strikes Back”.  I would hope this in itself acts as a warning signal for voters in the future.  The only good thing out of this is that Farage is able to inject comedy (at his own expense) into the often dull area of politics.

I managed to keep the Royals off my timeline with their latest arrival and I asked the question over on Twitter, since we get a warning about flash photography on TV, could we also have one when the Royals are about to appear on our TV?

Sky TV.  Its not often I get the chance to watch UK TV.  Over the summer even more so.  I won’t miss it.  For years I’ve paid for a full Sky package (at around £100 a month including telephone) some months the channels are off and never watched.  I’d probably have been happy to keep paying too, the idea of landing and merely switching on the TV for some entertainment was convenient.

Over the last week the turning point came when Sky proudly announced its Star Wars day.  I don’t watch much TV, but I’ve seen the Star Wars films many times over the years and this was promoted by Sky like it was an exclusive viewing.  That was the turning point that made me realize I’m throwing money away.  So I cancelled.  The football season has finished in the UK so there was no reason to have anything other than terrestrial TV.   The kids have little interest in UK TV too so it won’t be missed.

Sunderland Football Club have had some good results of late and its nice to see the club moving out of the relegation zone.  The club is friendly and welcoming with passionate supporters.  I’ve made trips to the Stadium of Light this season I thoroughly enjoyed going.  With that in mind though I was disappointed to see that despite being charged, Adam Johnson is still playing.  I personally think that awaiting his trial, the right thing to do is suspend him pending the outcome of the case.   This is where I think the FA needs to step up and get involved.  The Ched Evans case is still fresh in peoples minds and I think the FA needs to take responsibility here and make a blanket ruling that whilst on bail FOR ANY OFFENCE you cannot play football.  I think the FA could easily set up a panel to decide if a convicted player can play again (if there is a finding of guilt) and each case looked at on its individual circumstance.  The FA doesn’t seem to be getting involved and its about time it did.

There ends my collection of thoughts for today.  If people are wondering why there is an “alien” theme to the site of late, its because work wise I’m on track, the football season for the team is now over and we are in planning stages for the next one.  I knew in January I’d need a project of sorts to keep ticking over prior to a busy years end.  Happily I’m again back on my travels and have a whole list of adventures in store.  Me and the family will be meeting up with our close friend, author and thinker Laurel Rockefeller from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and I also hope to take a trip in the near future to Sedona, Arizona where according to some alien believers its where there is a spaceship hanging over it in space.  I’ll report back if I get abducted and probed with any metal protuberances.

So providing I’m not taken away in a spaceship, there will be more updates on the site than has been the norm for quite some time.

Scotty, one to beam up.

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