How open is your mind – A call from the cosmos? – Introduction

What are the limits of what you would believe? What sort of claims are being made and what price is being asked to hear them?  Image Source:
What are the limits of what you would believe? What sort of claims are being made and what price is being asked to hear them? Image Source:

I’m starting a series of articles involving the channelling world and this is a prelude to that.  Over the course of meeting some interesting people, I’ve also met some rather aggressive and frightened ones that led me onto a path of an involvement with another much larger project.  I’ve submitted my contributions to that and now am exploring my own personal experiences of the channelling business, which I have engaged its communities in a number of ways – as myself with my own identity and also as a “believer” who is now quite entrenched and accepted in the community.

There are questions that rightfully need to be raised about my use of a fake identity designed to become part of this online world, but I hope the confession now and the eventual revealing of the identity will justify the result, as in order to get really “behind the scenes” requires more than simply a willingness to debate the topics with them.  For me it was amazing how simple it was to perpetuate the belief in others, how wild claims would never be challenged and instantly believed (as long as they fit with the current beliefs) and also how they would justify to each other the discrepancies when the real world offered something that didn’t fit with the sci-fi.

So what is channelling?

In a corner of the Internet where the majority of people wouldn’t go, there is a entire world comprising of theories, views and claimed experiences.  When you surf the net, you probably won’t come across any of this material and if you did, you’d probably just dismiss it as the ramblings of a deluded or attention seeking person online.  Dig deeper though and there’s a whole different truth.  Channelling in a nutshell is the claimed ability to let another speak through you, in this case we are concentrating on the claims of some that they are relaying messages from an alien entity to bring Humanity “up to speed” in terms of enlightenment and on the path to joining a type of intergalactic community.  I will be focussing around this “theme” although its far bigger than simply that.

Why does this sound familiar?

Well before we go any further it should be stated that none of the people, theories or views I’ve looked at to date promote suicide or self harm in any way, however take that side of things away and there are similarities in the information delivery and the messages that we saw with the Heavens Gate group.  If you have never heard of Heaven’s Gate, don’t be fooled by the name into thinking this was heaven as is described in religious texts, this was a Christian type faith modified to include aliens as the saviours and “heaven” as the next step of human evolution.  It was religion with a sci-fi twist.  If you are reading this online, there’s a link at the end of the article.  And thats the similarity here.  Its full of meta-physics, vagaries and promises, the difference here is that many people have got in on the action and in many cases you are paying to get this enlightenment through DVD’s, online streams and such like.  Truly, the modern day technology accommodates these theories perfectly.

So who goes for these theories?

It’s sad to say but in the many cases I’ve been looking at, its the desperate.  People who are, for a plethora of reasons unhappy with their lives and are seeking something to believe in, to make sense of whatever has befallen them.  As I will show in later articles with comments of those in these worlds, you have people desperate to find answers.  Wrap up this desire with a belief in aliens and promises of “better places”, tell people they have the power to change their reality and they are effectively God, give people excuse mechanisms for when things go wrong and you have all the makings of a very powerful belief which will prove to be very desirable to some people in society.  Monetise it and everyone’s a winner.  Or are they?

But what of having an open mind?

An open mind is a good thing to have and that’s so obvious a statement it doesn’t need to be said.  Its why we didn’t buy into the idea that the world was flat for very long.  But there comes a time when an open mind becomes a gullible one and the question that needs to be asked of everyone is, how far is your belief willing to go?  What are you prepared to believe, to what extent will you take that before you start questioning the validity?  For believers in alien salvation an open mind is one which believes the theory but yet not willing to accept any counter to it.  You will be “brainwashed” or “asleep” should you wish to challenge their world of aliens in our solar system and in order to keep the protective bubble around them, they can pour on story after story in order to keep it going.  Debate with believers entrenched in these aliens is impossible, whilst you will have rules and limits, they don’t; and an outrageous claim can be backed up with another outrageous claim.  Even in the face of evidence that they are wrong (Billy Miers believers for example) they will simply create another story.

Its very interesting how they deal with NASA and its announcements.  If the news from NASA can be used to back-up their views then they will use it as a “told you so”.  When it doesn’t, then NASA is hiding something or purposefully not being truthful.  Its why you will never present evidence to these people because if they are entrenched in their fantasy, it will evolve and develop around whatever life experiences they have.  And this is another common theme, the only proof is that which backs up what they believe.

So why write this series of articles?

I want a light thrown on this whole subject.  I want the mainstream who largely don’t get exposure to this world to have a look and see what people are believing, what people are claiming but maybe more importantly what people are selling.  There is a whole industry here which is more than happy to sell you “information” or devices in order for you to get this information.

The whole industry is massive, you have friendly aliens, evil lizards, time-travelling groups on Mars.  You’ve got people selling this stuff who used to work in Sci-Fi movies, used to be footballers and TV presenters, a claim of being related to an ex US President.  There, in my opinion needs to be further investigation into these people by authorities because people are paying money on the basis of whats being claimed. Maybe what they say is true? Well thats up to you to decide when you read this series of articles.

For me the most unbelievable part of this “world” was the extent of what people will believe and as you will see, there are no limits.

The people who are already entrenched in this world of Aliens and promises cannot be helped by me, I’m neither qualified or experienced to unpick that mindset.  What I hope is that people who discover the material can ask themselves the same questions as I do before jumping into this lifestyle and ending up in the same position that believers do.

So what is next?

Well you can join in with this world yourself.  Getting access to the closed group of believers is very simple, maybe you can act as a hook to reality for some people?  Maybe you can throw a light on those making money from these theories?  The important thing is that the general public are made aware of what is going on here.

Once completed, this series of articles will be available as a free ebook.  It will also be structured into a report, we have bodies in both the US and UK that keep check on business practices and I believe this whole industry needs examination.

There was a poster many years ago which had a picture of spaceship on it with the words “I want to believe” and I think that this is the truth of the matter.  Forget proof, forget logic even forget reasonable thinking, they “want to believe”.

As stated earlier, this is the Heavens Gate documentary.  I’ll stress again, no theory or claim from any group I’ve been researching has ever promoted, suggested or encouraged any sort of self harm or suicide, but in terms of aliens and the promises for mankind, Heaven’s Gate has many similarities.  Its a disturbing documentary.


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