A multifaceted musing – Looking to the summer

If I look back a year or so I see my life was so different than that of today.  Time stands still for no-one they say; and unless you believe there are enlightened aliens orbiting Earth seeking to lead humanity on a great journey of discovery (for just the cost of merchandise) then you will agree with that statement. – For those wondering, its a series of articles I’m currently working on.

Freaky Shack have indulged a couple of projects and work has me travelling so many miles that even the Starship Enterprise would require a service and oil change.

My novel (or series) is still on track, in the meantime I’ve become involved in two documentaries, one being a football “behind the scenes” and the other being part of a larger project seeking to throw a light on the industry of mystics & channellers.

Its the end of the football season, which means those of us behind the scenes running the show from the “command tent” have a different focus for the next twelve weeks – ensuring the ground and facilities are prepared for the new season and promotion!  Here’s a video montage of the season, its gives you an idea of the fun we’ve had whilst playing at football club management and coordination!

So now I’m back on to writing.  The UK is busy with its election and as per normal the US is running presidential campaigns about 10,000 years before people can actually vote.  Over the last year or so I’ve been seeing how many different terms and interpretations exist between the US and UK.  My dear friend and author Laurel Rockefeller over in Johnstown, PE who has been adopted into my family, is my first port of call for intelligent conversation and fascinating company.   I strongly suggest you check out her work.  Auntie Laurel is a name to watch for in the future!

So who will I vote for (providing I am able to) in the UK election?  Simple. Respect Party.  Lets hope that parasites like UKIP are not given any sort of voice in the UK.

I’ve a weekend of excess coming up where I travel to Wembley to see the FA Vase final – at I hasten to add a substantially reduced fare.  Here’s hoping Ebac Northern League team North Shields get the win – talking of which, on my travels I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Amos (Northern League Chairman), what a nice man and a fantastic chairman for the league.

Over the last season I’ve also met Stephan Peddie (wrestler, standup comedian and actor on the TV Show Hebburn) and whilst he did poke fun at me during his stage act (I think he called me Ricky Gervaise’s brother or something like that) a great gentleman, who proves there is such a thing called a small world as he was a wrestler on the indi-promotion scene in the States, of which, when time permits I’m a big fan of.

I think its a given when I say that OpenBytes is rather more than merely a coverage of technology.  I still hold  the original ethos; which for those around here 8 years ago will recall “to expose FUD and the under-handed tactics of corporations”

So its on to the summer and more work.


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