ChromeOS 42.0.2311.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) – A brief look

ChromeOS is a crafty devil.  If you are not paying attention you can miss the fact that you’ve received an update.  Its a little like a dog near to a buffet table, turn away and it will have a cake off there and carry on as normal without you being any the wiser.

I decided to pen a few thoughts on the latest build which has found its way through the interwebs and landed on my HP 14″.  When I say land, the image I’d like to convey is not so much a smooth journey opening up a wealth of treats but more of a thump and an exercise in wasting my time.

These are the things I’ve noticed within the first few hours of the update.  There will be more.

The first observation I’ll make is that it was good fortune I was expecting an update, otherwise I may have thought my Chromebook was suffering with a setting being tampered with (not likely there are not many settings in the first place) or more likely that the Chromebook had finally managed to get its own brand of malware, because the new start menu is well……silly.

For those familiar with the start menu on ChromeOS, you will know that you click it to show your applications, any apps which cannot fit on the default page are accessed via tabs.  Well that all still exists, however the people of Google have decided that a feature every user has been demanding is to add another step in the process of getting access to their application.  What happens now is that you click your start button and if the app that you are after is not on your recently used list, then you must click on “more apps” before you get to something resembling the one click process you were used to before.

I notice that the default media player has been fixed, as there was a bug whereby if you minimised the player whilst listening to a music track, restoring it would reset the track to the beginning.

There is still no option to turn off the trackpad, so unless you position your hands like the paws of a meerkat when its standing on its hind legs, if you are like me, you’ll strike it every so often, usually sending your cursor to another part of the text you are working on and producing a paragraph of nonsense.  Or more nonsense than you would of had the cursor remained where you wanted it.

The file manager is now updated with it finally resembling something reasonable.  No movie file thumbnail previews though despite that the Chromebook is quite able to play them and there’s now a Windowsy theme to proceedings.  Not really a problem, unlike Google I don’t put much value in the colour of a window, all I want is the software to work properly.

But the icing on the cake is when curiosity gets the better of you and you wander over to the Official Chrome releases site to see what other “treats” they have in store for you and you see –

Updated calculator app.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for the oh so essential calculator update for many months now.  I’ve been perched on my seat, put my business on hold, just to be on the cutting edge of technology when the calculator gets updated.

Back in reality, I can’t see what they’ve updated, unless they mean the orange circle that now appears around the numbers you click on the virtual calculator.

Say what you will about Google, there may have been past privacy allegations, they may be investigated over their search engine, but the one thing you can say with certainty, they know how to keep you up to date with the latest calculator technology.


5 thoughts on “ChromeOS 42.0.2311.87 (Official Build) (64-bit) – A brief look

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  1. Is this also the reason why when I tried to bookmark something in the chrome browser it made it 20x more difficult for me to choose the folder I wanted?

    I’m a bloody DESKTOP USER. Okay, it’s fine many people are using touch this and touch that, but I AM NOT BLOODY ONE OF THEM! With two cockatiels around touch screens are asking for a major computer melt down.

    Instead of updating everything for touch this and touch that i wish chrome and everyone else would give me the option of a “classic” mode where it works jolly good with my mouse, my keyboard, and where nothing happens when you touch the screen except the screen gets CLEAN.

    99% of the time these updates do nothing but confusing me and making harder for me as a sight impaired person to do regular stuff. I’m not a visual person; stop changing everything and making it even harder for me to run my machine by touch typing and keyboard commands!

  2. The whole ChromeOS and Chrome thing has become a myriad of confusion, not helped by some writers being unclear as to which one they are talking about.

    What I can say is that because you are not “fortunate” enough to be running ChromeOS, you will have to suffer your default calculator app. I, on the other hand am lucky enough to have the cutting edge in calculator technology….I’ve orange circles that appear around the numbers I enter!

    1. Everyone’s needs are different, however what features did you have in mind? It would be interesting to hear things other users find missing from ChromeOS.

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