Musing of the day – The simple step to being a successful writer.

There’s plenty of places online where articles can be found on “How to become a successful writer”, they are often long winded, occasionally contradictory and sometimes just plain wrong.  What entitles a writer to claim they have the answer to being a successful one? Who knows, but here is the best piece of advice you’ll get.

Don’t listen to other writers telling you how to become successful.



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  1. I agree, Tim. You will find a thousand books telling you the “secret” to becoming a great author or a bestseller etc. Heck a year ago I fell for a scam by SEO company 180Fusion promising me they could make me a New York Times best seller via advertising on facebook.

    What makes these books and companies such a racket is their axiom that if you do THEIR PROCESS you will get specific results and become a massive success.

    This ranks right up there with “miracle” diet pills and weight loss.

    But this is all a con designed to take your money. The only thing that really works is to write quality books and talk to people and not at them.

  2. Agreed Laurel and its the uniqueness which is the selling point. An author reaches their destination in a very different way to another and that’s why the written word is so powerful.

    1. Well and every book is different and has a different point of appeal. My mother hates science fiction and will never read The Peers of Beinan Series. But she wants to read my latest release, “Preparing for My First Cockatiel” because that looks interesting to her. Alien conspiracies — boring to her. Cute photos of birds — she likes that!

      You really do have to treat every book as unique.

  3. There’s a simple answer to that. To become successful you have to work at writing. If you don’t work at it, you won’t become a success (unless you get damned lucky). If you do work at it, your chance of success is far greater.

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