We humans in the main, are social animals.   Perhaps the ultimate example of this are the Alien believers who need to believe in life outside of our planet, but moreover it visiting us.

Is the desire to be “not alone” so strong that some people are susceptible to idea’s which go against logic and reason?  Are there people who seek to blame the issues of their own lives on an external force and find the “alien conspiracies” a good place to channel some of that blame?

For those who have read OpenBytes over the years,  they will know that its been a subject I’ve tackled on many occasions.

To be clear before we go any further, no, I don’t believe aliens are here, I don’t believe aliens have contacted us and no, ancient humans were not assisted by extra-terrestrials.  Crystal Skulls? Pyramids? – As technology has allowed us to examine these things properly, we find there are no mysteries in the past, just very clever and resourceful people – and that is why ladies and gentlemen, humans became the dominant species on the planet – clever, resourceful and also adaptable.

To suggest that mankind’s great engineering feats are created by an outside source, downplays the human achievements of the past.

So we look at the Alien believers.  I’ve been researching  Darryl Anka aka “Bashar” who claims to be channelling an alien intelligence,  who for a price (I presume admission to one of his talks) you can ask questions of Bashar.  Perhaps what’s more unbelievable than Bashar itself is the fact that there are people buying into this nonsense, despite his whole pitch being full of holes.

I will now look at two distinct groups of “believers”.  There’s many variations but to keep this piece shorter, the two main ones are covered.

The believers in “good” aliens

These people (like Bashar) are the ones promoting the idea that Aliens are here to help us.  They want to open our minds to peace, love and who knows what else.  Generally these Aliens won’t be making an appearance any time soon as the world “is not ready” although it seems that contacting people through the medium of Youtube or similar is ok.

The believers in “bad” aliens

Here you have the Area 51’s and all manner of fun and games.  Arguably this is the more interesting side of the Alien belivers as you get conspiracies, impending invasions from outside our solar system.  You get NASA covering up alien visitation (by shutting down the live feed on their Space Station every time one pops into view) and the sky literally is your limit for the variety of different conspiracies you can believe in.  Want an example of bad aliens? David Icke has his theories.  Which apparently are held in high regard by many who maybe forget (or chose to ignore) that a few years ago David Icke turned up on TV in a purple tracksuit claiming to be the Son of God.  Bashar or Darryl Anka wasn’t always a channeller either (from Wikipedia)

Anka started his Hollywood career as a special effects designer working on such films as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I Robot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Live Free or Die Hard and Iron Man

If we take Bashar and Icke as two examples for the moment (and there’s hundreds) we can see a similarity – they are making a living out of it.  Whilst Bashar doesn’t get the audiences David Icke does (having recently performed in Wembley Stadium) And in the case of Bashar in particular, remember that the messages he channels in his products are qoute:

© Darryl Anka – Licensed to Bashar Communications – All Rights Reserved

Before we go any further, I’d like you to put out of your mind your belief or non belief in aliens.   Lets say for argument sake you were utterly convinced and had personal proof that aliens were either trying to help mankind or trying to conquer it.  Would you charge people for this information? If you were utterly convinced would you not be shouting from the rooftops (figuratively) with no regard for what you could make out of it?  Would you be writing books and holding talks in-front of a paying audience, or would it so profoundly affect your life that you’d merely be telling everyone you could at every opportunity?  And that, whatever conspiracy you believe in, is the similarity between them all.  There’s books to buy.  There’s subscriptions to webpages (often laced with adverts).  There’s t-shirts, merchandise and talks at stadiums. In fact, there’s a whole industry catering for those who “believe” and can part with cash.

I refer to my own passion, that of free and open source software.  I have a strong belief in the advantages and benefits for open source software and I’ve written, promoted and highlighted that online for 8 years.  Not once in that time have I sought to seek recompense for that advocacy.  Why? Because I have an honest held belief in what I am saying and the idea of charging people to share that knowledge is utterly offensive to me.

Back to the wibbly wobbly world of aliens and we see that there are no such barriers.  You could probably fill a football stadium many times over with what you can buy.  There’s a whole industry involved now and that’s where the problem rests because you now have some people dependent on perpetuating a belief in something so that they can continue to remain in business.  See for yourself, every year on Youtube its the year of alien invasion.  Is this a warning or is it perpetuating a business model?

It seems that Youtube has also been elevated in status too and is seen as the panacea of truth.  If a video is up on Youtube it must be true – or certainly you’d think that judging by the outrageous alien video’s and the people supporting them.

The sad (for some) fact is, there are no aliens visiting Earth.  Either by messages on Youtube or spaceships with flashing lights.  People can claim “open mind” all day and discount basic logic, but lets be fair, it’s all a nonsense isn’t it?

Well no, not for some.  Since NASA has piped a live stream from their space station, alien hunters have been watching the feed and it seems to be generally agreed that when ET pops up in view the feed goes down.  I’d ask people who believe this nonsense to take a deep breath and just think, think.  NASA doesn’t want you to see any aliens?  NASA shuts down the feed when ET visits?  NASA knows all about these aliens?  – Then why on earth did NASA create a live feed in the first place? Why would they give themselves these problems? They could have it on time-delay if they wanted or even just plain faked.  So why would NASA give you the chance to see something they apparently don’t want you to see?

If Aliens are here already and taking over the planet (as in David Icke theories with his lizards) why would NASA even bother with a live stream at all?  You could write a book (or several) on all the flaws of these alien beliefs.  Bashar doesn’t escape here either.  According to him the crystal skulls were carved by vibrations.  It is only recently that modern technology has advanced to the point where after examination of the skulls we see that tools were in fact used to create them.  We can even determine where the quartz crystal originated from.

It’s strange that believers in Aliens claim I don’t have an open mind, when they don’t seem to consider all these logical facts?  I’d suggest that I have the open mind (I’ve not discounted Aliens existing in our universe) and I’d suggest they are gullible.

ET is not here, ET is not listening.  And who is to say that us humans are not the first species to attain sentience in this galaxy? There has to be a first race, you could reasonably suggest that it’s us, but that is a topic where its pointless talking to Bashar or listening to David Icke about.  They’ve merchandise to sell (get your Bashar merchandise here: http://www.basharstore.com/ ) Imagine trying to make a business out of us being the only advanced race in the galaxy.

For your enjoyment, here’s a small Bashar example.  Maybe the most unbelievable part of this video is that people actually believe it.  I’ll be looking at his “work” further this year.