End of the Google Glass? – Can I say I told you so?

A big thank you to all the "trendy" people thinking they were cool with their Glasshole specs.  You helped fund Google's project.  Now, is it time to say "Told you so"?
A big thank you to all the “trendy” people thinking they were “cool” with their cutting edge Glasshole specs. You helped fund Google’s project. Now, is it time to say “Told you so”?

I voiced my concerns at the time.  I labelled the “glasshole” as someone who struts around with a silly looking Google device on their face.

It surprised me that when Prince Charles was seen with them that this didn’t act as a warning sign for the disinterest of the general public, who when faced with a $1500 price-tag, said “thanks, but no thanks”.

And Google really did try.  It tried to appeal to those people who wanted to get into shape but can’t do it without making a “game” out of exercising – maybe because their desire to get fit is paper thin and just like washing down cod-liver oil with something sweet, they need a “sweetener” to keep them going?

It’s academic, Google Glass is reported to now be on the way out.  I remember in May 2014 I voiced my concerns about the product, the dislike of its camera pointing at you and also mentioned the fan boys/girls who defended the device with cries of “Glass Hater”.  Seems I was right, because the views I aired appear to have been echoed by potential consumers (or the lack thereof).

In a post to the official Glass Google+ account on Wednesday, the Chocolate Factory said it will quit selling the current version of its spy-goggles to individuals on January 19, although it reportedly will still be available to developers and companies if they ask nicely.

Advice for the future - If a member of the Royal Family is seen with a piece of tech, it's probably destined to fail.
Advice for the future – If a member of the British Royal Family is seen with a piece of tech, it’s probably destined to fail. (Certainly as far as the mainstream consumer is concerned)

I would guess all the “trendies” who thought they were on the cusp of a technological revolution are feeling a little silly now if they forked out over a thousand dollars for them.  Maybe they will learn a valuable lesson and next time listen when tech folk tell them its nothing more than an expensive and short lived fad.  Or maybe they won’t, Google seems to be very pleased though:

“Glass was in its infancy, and you took those very first steps and taught us how to walk,” the Glass team wrote. “Well, we still have some work to do, but now we’re ready to put on our big kid shoes and learn how to run.”

And so we can end on this:

……not clear whether future versions of Glass will be marketed as consumer products, or if Google plans to steer them toward business applications. While the specs aren’t well-received at parties, they have won some converts in certain industries, such as healthcare.

All quote sources: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/15/google_kills_glass_explorer_program/

Maybe in a few years time the “buy it now trendies” can put their Google Glasses on eBay.  Here’s some more advice (and hopefully this time they’ll listen) start the bidding at $1 with no reserve – you might be able to shift them.



  1. I think Google would agree too, it seems to me they’ve managed to get paying customers to fund their “experiment”.

    There’s a saying which fits here quite nicely in my view “There’s a sucker born every minute”

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