Distorting the story? – Lets visit Ickesville

There’s nothing like a news story which backs up your opinion/view.

It’s even better if you are selling books and tickets to shows with that opinion.

And its even better still if you can find a number of “fans” to jump on the bandwagon and help promote that view too.

You have to be very careful when tackling subjects by some “conspiracy thinkers”, words like “free speech” and “open mind” are touted by them, until that is your view happens to disagree.  Then you will be labelled a “hater” or “closed minded” or worse part of whatever conspiracy they are promoting.   To make matters worse your disagreement will be used as “proof” that the theorist is being targeted as part of a campaign, further bolstering (in the minds of the supporters) that whatever conspiracy theory is being promoted must be true.

I will say now for the purposes of disclosure, I’ve been accused of being a transdimensional lizard and/or agent who is here to discredit David Icke.  Just how this came about (and the allegation came from one of his “fans”) is anyone’s guess.  However I do think David Icke’s theories about moon bases, trans-dimensional lizards and him being the son of God is nonsense.  Sorry about that.

There’s been news recently that a school in Alabama has punished a child (by way of some type of written contract) for the drawing in crayon of a gun and pointing a crayon in a gun like manner towards another.

An Alabama mom says her 5-year-old daughter got in a heap of trouble for drawing a picture of a gun and aiming her crayon in a gunlike fashion…….

Source: http://www.wfmynews2.com/story/news/nation/2014/10/13/child-draws-picture-of-gun-trouble-at-school/17219353/

David Icke and his fans would have you beleive that this is some sort of proof of a slippery slope where pupils at school are programmed like robots in order to follow the “evil agenda” of government in later life.  He’s done this on his Twitter feed with a picture of school buses entitled: “Buses wait to take inmates to programming centres”

But lets look for a moment at the other side of the coin.  I would guess anyone who does’nt think David Icke is the son of God and that the world isn’t run by trans-dimensional lizards (both claims by Icke) would agree that the pointing of a weapon at another is wrong (who knows what Icke fans think of).  I would hope those reading this who look at Icke with a combination of pity and respect, pity that its his theories he’s known for (after being quite a good footballer) but respect for the fact he can make money from them, can maybe see the other side of the coin which Icke and his fans don’t seem to want to tackle.

If your child misbehaved and pointed a weapon at another (fake or not – its the symbolism here) would you not want that behaviour to be challenged immediately?  Would you not think that if such behaviour was given a green light, it could lead onto a more serious issue later?  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but I’m not prepared to take a chance and would want my child told that the behaviour is wrong.  Of course we take it on good faith that the media reporting this story has not exaggerated or been given an exaggerated account, but in essence I think challenging this behaviour at an early point is good.  The school in my view has maybe rushed to give a “generic form” rather than one tailored for the child’s age range, but lets not distract from the original behaviour which the school challenged in the first place.

School officials informed Rebecca that Elizabeth would be sent home, and while Rebecca waited in the school lobby, she says, her daughter was given the suicide questionnaire and “safety contract”—even though state law says children can’t legally sign contracts.

Rebecca says Elizabeth later asked, “‘What is suicide, Mommy? Daddy, what is suicide?'” Mobile County school system Superintendent Martha Peek says the contract-signing will be evaluated, AL.com reports.

“But the 5 year old (as featured in the news report) can’t enter into or fully understand the contract!” – I can hear some people claim; and for them, they’ve entirely missed the point.  Maybe they don’t have children in school or maybe they just intentionally want to twist this story to live their lives in Ickesville.  Of course a child can’t enter into this contract, of course the child is not going to fully understand the wording, I’d suggest the contract (in light of these facts) is more for the benefit of the parents.  To instil on them the importance of reinforcing the schools viewpoint on their child’s behaviour.

Today its very common for parents to think that their child’s education is the sole remit of the school.  It’s not.  I’d like to think that the school gives the ideas, the tools, the skills and then these are reinforced by parents.  Helping a child with their homework, taking an active interest in projects, assisting the teachers with area’s that need further work.  Your child is one of many at a school and I think its the parents responsibility to ensure that their child is supported at home so that the few teaching resources at school are not stretched further than they need to be.  That is the point of this contract, it is symbolic, it is a figurative kick in the backside of the parents to say – this behaviour needs to be challenged and you need to be supporting the school in this.

I can see a prelude to a court case, which I suspect Icke and his followers would support.  Strange then that this court case is only made possible by the very system Icke and his followers would have you believe is brainwashing the masses and enslaving humanity.

No free speech on IckeTube?

Its strange that Icke being a supporter of free speech (presumably) and making silly posters would want to disable comments on his Youtube video.  Afterall didn’t Icke participate in the Peoples Voice (which did not seem to end on the best of terms) It would appear the people don’t have a voice when it comes to his video’s on Youtube and maybe this is the reason.

For those on Facebook you will see that Icke has recently come under criticism for his request for advertisers on his site.  It would suggest that the book sales and tickets to shows are in need of a little financial top up to keep things running smoothly.  Recently David Icke has taken to appearing on TalkSport Radio, although fans of his holo-universe and lizards are going to be disappointed, from what I heard of him he’s talking about football – which for the record doesn’t seem to fit into his fake reality theories.

If you are not up to speed on what David Icke thinks, I’d strongly recommend his Facebook page.  I’d strongly recommend you watch his video’s and whilst the articles on his site don’t seem to be written by him, I’d say go to his site too.  I’d also say read his books, I have, all of them.  From the fans of David Icke I’ve spoken to, this seems to be far more research than they have conducted on a man who they seem to hang on his every word.

David Icke has recently taken to requests for advertisement on his site, so I’d expect he’d want as much support as possible to show future advertisers the “worth” in placing their brand on his website.  Although, who would advertise on his site? Can he turn that into revenue? What firm would want their name associated with the David Icke brand, but maybe more importantly, David is going to have to be VERY careful on which advertiser he selects, if they have any conflict of interest with his theories, his “fans” might not like it.

So its 2014, the “just around the corner” answer to David’s “work” is still not revealed and it seems David Icke is appearing again on TalkSport radio.  I wonder, maybe the answer to all his conspiracies was in front of him all the time, in that he should have stayed as a sports reporter/commentator in the first place?  He may not be the son of God, but he wasn’t a bad footballer.

As for his “theories”? Well you believe them or you don’t, but if you do, I’d love (if you can debate without resorting to the usual tactics) to talk about why you believe trans-dimensional lizards (and their agents) rule the world.  Maybe we could progress onto the moon being artificial (according to Icke) or maybe even his current status as the Son of God.  Is he still the Son of God or not? Who knows?  At the moment I’ve heard him being a sports pundit/presenter/interviewee on the radio about Football, but maybe thats just him being modest?


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