Out and about on the Web – A list of rants & raves

Thanks for giving me a moment of your time for today’s series of rants and raves.

I’ll start with the new(ish) WordPress UI. It’s awful. It seems WordPress has decided on giving you a “quick & easy” web based method of creating a post and in doing so has achieved a “cheap and nasty” look perfectly. The fact that it doesn’t seem to work properly with my Chrome install is rather moot – I won’t be using it.

Doctor Who. If you need proof that when something hits the mainstream it loses its charm and appeal, then look no further. What was a quirky, fun and entertaining show is now one which appeals only to the brain-dead masses who care not for content or real characters, just a wooden imitation of what was once a legendary show. I lasted 2 minutes on the new series (having not given it any time for many years) It now resembles the Doctor Who that I loved about as much as those UHT sachets in hotels resemble milk.

Microsoft has deleted 1500 apps which presumably are spam/fakes/malicious from its store. Surely this must only leave about 2 left? 😉 http://www.brightsideofnews.com/2014/08/29/windows-app-store-a-good-fall-cleaning

I’ve noticed more bickering on Twitter over the summer. I attribute this to people being bored. Since many of us are away on holiday, entertainment news drying up somewhat (more in the tech world) there’s many people who have nothing to do but bicker. When they can’t get the rise out of random strangers they will pick a verbal fight with their friends list. No, I’ve not be victim to any of this nonsense, but my advice to anyone receiving a confrontational message – Send the perpetrator a link to a travel agent offering late summer discounts. They’ll thank you for it later.

Work is going very well (at least at my end) and I now begin to realize (with numerous delays to publication) that the many cogs in the wheel do not turn as efficiently as I do. The shame is, I’m not efficient and if I can get my act together before others, they are doing something very wrong.

Over in the UK they are bleating on about a Conservative defection to UKIP. Why a backstabbing Tory comes as a surprise I’ll never know. Mind you, if an MP does the dirty so to speak, I think UKIP is a fitting cesspool for them.

I’ve been lucky enough (through travel) to be able to catch a few FA CUP Preliminary matches. These were between teams that you’ve probably not heard of, let alone seen play. It reinforces my opinion that entertainment and a good afternoon out does not need to involve a Premier League Club and a pocket full of cash.



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