Web roundup 25.07.14 – eBooks, error codes and X-files!

Apparently ET visits Earth and apparently the government knows all about it.  The government also allows the ISS to have a live HD feed for people to see ET in action too.  Confused? Not half as confused as some "believers".
Apparently ET visits Earth and apparently the government knows all about it. The government also allows the ISS to have a live HD feed for people to see ET in action too. Confused? Not half as confused as some “believers”.

It’s been a funny old week in cyberspace.  Firstly I had a couple of instances of downtime with gMail (which is rare to say the least) but these breaks in service luckily were only for a couple of minutes.  Whilst awaiting service to resume I thought I’d check out Google’s offer to give me a more detailed report of the error code.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I thought it would be a little more than “Numeric Code 5”.  Still, a quick snapshot of the screen and I had some material to Tweet.  Interestingly I cannot find out what error code 5 is.  Many people have asked the question but it’s all a bit of a mystery.

Maybe numeric code 5 means “Please stand by, the NSA are checking your emails, normal service will be resumed shortly” – That’s one for the privacy concerned and conspiracy theorists alike.

Talking of which, I had the pleasure of engaging with a conspiracy theorist in the last week.  They were my favourite type where they don’t pin down their conspiracy theory too tightly.  The “UFO’s exist and we are being visited by aliens.  The government covers it up” – brigade.  This particular chap was proudly linking a video containing HD ISS live feed footage showing a strange splodge on the screen.  The producer of the video had of course called and “expert” to comment on the video, who stated that it could well be a mothership.  With experts like that, who needs aliens?  Suffice to say when it was pointed out to him that it would be strange (if the government were covering up aliens) that they would allow live footage from the space station to go out on the internet for someone to record it and someone else call it a mothership, there was obviously no answer to that, but ironically the “evil alien hiding government” manages to have their alien pictures captured with a high definition camera, whereas most civilians footage is usually so poor quality that it looks like a webcam from the 90’s.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that this whole Alien conspiracy is a nonsense.

Sticking with fantasy though, I’ve 3 books on the shortlist for my 2014 book of the year.  I’ll hopefully have more before its time to announce a winner.

Perhaps the most disappointing video I’ve ever seen online was one linked on a Daily Mail article about lightning hitting a plane.  There was no footage of the actual incident, but the Mail saw fit to include footage of a similar incident from the US.  Take a look, its about dullest thing you’ve ever seen and if the article hadn’t mentioned anything about planes and lightning you’d have no clue what you were looking at.

And finally, I had meant to post this before but didn’t find time.  Ever see the Tweet about the “corrupt FIFA”? Well here’s the story.

For those that know Twitter you cannot edit a post once its been tweeted.  You can only delete it and all Tweets have a time stamp on them too.

So when a Tweet was made giving the result of the World Cup final, the goal scorer and the fact that the goal was scored in extra time AND these tweets were posted 17 hours before the game (according to the time stamp), people believed that the whole thing was rigged.  For those that haven’t worked out or read how this works let me explain, its rather simple:

1. Create a Twitter account and make it private.

2. Post all the possible outcomes you can think of and wait.

3. After the match delete all the tweets that don’t apply and make the account public.

4. Hey presto! You’ve now got posts which have predicted the match!

I include this “trick” because I’ve seen it used in the past when certain “believers” have claimed it proves the existence of time-travellers using Twitter to post warnings about the future (as you would if you were a time-traveller) and since we’ve had a very X-Files web round-up it didn’t seem out of place to include it.

Thanks for reading.

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