Its time for a rant and a collection of annoyances from over the past few days.

They say its better to express it rather than bottle it up, so if I can entertain you at the same time then that will be an added bonus.

My first annoyance from this week is Youtube. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to sit through a forced 30 second commercial.  The main offender here seems to be Microsoft pushing its new console.  I’m fed up with it.  Sales for the Xbox One must be really dire.  Youtube has become somewhere far less appealing to me, I now find myself frequenting its treasure trove of goodies far less.  I suppose that’s no bad thing.  I should be getting on with work instead.

The professional troll.  Ever since vile people found they could make money on television, there are pretenders popping up all over Twitter.  Hiding behind their computer screens and an ethos of “It’s free speech, if you don’t like it don’t read it” they spread their abuse around the web in the hope that someone will give them a job. (Thats my theory anyway).  These bastions of bile have not yet realized that we do have freedom of speech, just with that freedom comes a little personal responsibility.  As adults I think we accept that actions have consequences, but these cowardly trolls who seek to upset people under the guise of faux “campaign” can’t grasp that its possible to put your opinion over without insulting complete strangers.

I’ve already ranted about Google Glass.  Its now been seen on Prince Charles, which I assume is some sort of endorsement.  For me a recommendation about tech from the Prince is akin to a recommendation for an antiperspirant deodorant by Steve Ballmer.  Google glass fan boys/girls can be a funny lot (and sometimes quite aggressive in their advocacy) there’s a good name for them which I saw on the net “Glasshole”

Here’s one thing that made me chuckle:

Microsoft has launched a buyback program to try to get MacBook Air owners to part with their laptops and replace them with new Surface Pro 3 devices.

Source: Computer World

Really? Trade in a Mac for Microsoft’s offering? That’s like swapping a Lotus for a pedal cycle.  At least it shows Microsoft is getting a sense of humour.

I feel better after that.  Thank you for your time.