Nintendo loses court case to Philips – Game over?

If Nintendo didn’t have enough on its plate with sales figures suggesting its hardware is far from enjoying the success its previous devices have, now you can add a lost court case into the mix.

It is reported:

It was reported over the weekend by that Nintendo has lost a court case in the UK to Koninklijke Philips (a Dutch company more commonly known as Philips) over its motion controller technology. Philips claimed that Nintendo infringed on its intellectual property with its designs for the Wii and Wii U’s motion controllers, and a UK court has ruled in Philips’ favour.

Source: HTXT

Which means providing there is no appeal (or that appeal is lost) Nintendo have more woes in their future.

I’ve made no secret that I believe Nintendo’s days as a provider of hardware are over.  If we look back at the days of the Super Nintendo and Gameboy etc, we can see that Nintendo had it so much better.  So what’s changed?

I think Nintendo’s misfortunes in today’s market can be put down to a few things.  Firstly the cutesy image.  It’s not what the mainstream want.  Secondly its handheld devices are in for tough competition when Android is offering a catch-all solution – people don’t want multiple devices in their pocket when they go out.  If they can have a phone and entertainment system in one, I’d suggest that is far more appealing.   With the catalogues in games, music and video, Android leaves the DS looking rather lacking.  The 3DS was not in my view, received as they would like and as well as allegedly giving headaches to some users, it’s also created a headache for Nintendo when they have to compete with a smartphone.  And I think the final reason for the Nintendo bad fortune of late was the under-powered WIIU which when held up to the alternatives looks rather lacklustre in terms of specs.

It’s too late in my view for Nintendo to make money by releasing its back catalogue on other devices – emulation has stepped in and destroyed that market for them already.  Perhaps if Nintendo had realized earlier that there was a market for their older titles on other platforms they could have capitalized on it.

Nintendo will not disappear overnight, but unless it brings something rather unique out of the bag and soon, I think it’s going the same way as Sega.


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