Cynical? – It’s bad for your health……apparently.

If Government and its associated bodies only get excited about 1 report today it will be this one:

Cynical people have a higher risk of heart disease, and they may also be more likely to develop dementia, a new study finds.

Source: NBC

That’s right.  If you don’t buy into everything told you, it’s bad for your health.  This is the stuff of dreams for anyone who wants you to buy into everything they say.  I’m currently writing about the City of London Police so I’ll pass this link onto them, I’m sure they can use it.  The researchers, who amongst the many things they fail to grasp (from the report I read) go on to say:

The findings, which the researchers caution are limited and must be replicated before people really can believe them

Which to me sounds cynical.  A researcher so wrapped up in this “work” that they become the thing they claim is bad.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.

But don’t worry! There’s a cure!

suggest a new route for helping prevent dementia — via counseling or therapy.

So next time you hear something that you want to challenge, just agree! It’s good for you.

The whole report is a farce because being cynical is a state of mind.  Some people question everything and it’s those people who keep in check the one’s who seek to abuse their positions with opinions/actions.   Cynicism is not something you can switch on or off and infact I’d say its a positive as it can challenge exploitation and dishonesty.

The researchers even seem cynical about their own results and with good reason.  Look at the size of the sample group, in my view its hardly a representation that can be stuck on the entire group of cynical people who don’t buy into some of the rubbish that we are force fed through a plethora of channels.

Give me funding, a comparatively small group of people and 10 years.  I’ll have research saying whatever you want.  In the meantime, just sit back and buy into everything that’s told to you.  You’ll thank me for that in later life.

The tragedy here is that in my view this “research” makes a mockery of terrible illnesses which cause upset and suffering to a great number of people.  The research I suggest in these area’s needs to be in those of medicine where prevention and cure can be found, rather than 2bit reports which are, in my view complete tot.


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