Sky Broadband, Sean and my own stupidity – Confessions of an idiot.

downloadWe all love to complain.   Secretly everyone has a desire to receive poor service so that we can engage in a cutting complaint which will leave the company concerned quaking before our well thought out criticism of their service.

Reality often fails to work that way.  Sometimes you find that the bad service is beyond their control.  Sometimes the bad service is merely a misunderstanding, but the worst case is when you find your complaint is totally your own fault.

They say confession is good for the soul and I can’t answer that, but it certainly does make me feel a little better after speaking with Sean, the customer services officer who took my complaint when Sky Broadband went down around 9pm last night.

After checking my connection this morning and still finding it down, I picked up the phone.  I was the brave campaigner ready to bring the mighty Sky to it’s knees.  Sky provides my TV, it provides my land-line phone service and its also my ISP, I should be like a God customer to them.  In fact in our house the only task Sky doesn’t do is flush the toilet.  They owe me, I thought.

I spoke with a gentleman called Sean and he ran the usual checks.  Why did I need to do these checks? I’m an expert! But I went along with them, ready to strike with my cutting remark when it didn’t work.

At this point I cut a long story short as I think you can guess what’s coming next.  Somehow the router had been unplugged from the DSL filter and this was the reason (unsurprisingly) for the lack of service.  After making apologies to Sean for wasting his time, I came away from the experience with a valuable lesson learnt.

So to Sean from Sky Broadband services, thank you. Thank you for your patience and politeness.  Thank you for being such a nice chap when presented with such a stupid customer – and to Sean’s boss – please note he far exceeded any expectations I have of a customer services officer.

On a related note, last nights exit from the world wide web did give me an example of how a Chromebook operates when it’s not got a connection.  I’m happy to report, very well and the Google Office suite continued to work seamlessly, merely storing my data locally.  – I can report its all been sync’d perfectly now and without any input from myself.

Once my new rig arrives, I think I will be staying with this HP Chromebook for the majority of my work.  It’s been (so far) a smooth experience and so convenient.

For those interested in the HP Chromebook I’m using:

And as I’ve said in previous articles, for the price, I cannot fault it.


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