Some of these subjects I’ll be covering in a solo broadcast of Techbytes (which I lovingly refer to as Techbits) since my co-host and I are having issues in the meeting of minds as I’m using a Chromebook at the minute and it has limited broadcast choice.  We hope to return to normality asap.

Microsoft seems to have dumped its Kinect, or at least removed it from Xbox One bundles and subsequently reduced the price.  Desperation by Microsoft? Well since the PS4 has the better specification in my view, its still not offering value for money and I think Microsoft have got problems.  Not problems like the poorly received WIIU, but I get the impression the Xbox One has been received in a similar way and this is certainly not what Microsoft had planned.  There’s doom and gloom on the subject of Kinect at the moment, however we may see a surge in use on other platforms.  There’s quite a few developers who have taken an interest in using the Kinect in innovative ways, so maybe instead of acting as a device to sell more Xbox One’s, it will be a sucess in its own right.  Who knows? Who cares? And I’ve little sympathy or love of Microsoft who’s products I’ve been burned by (metaphorically) and who’s business practices have been highlighted time and again.

Talking of business practices, Google have a bit of a problem on their hands with the EU ruling allowing people to remove themselves from search results.  Is this good? Well no, because as we have seen already, there’s been a sex offender who wants Google to forget him. I personally think all sex offenders should be named, shamed and put permanently on the internet for all to see.  It may act as a deterrent to these individuals and if it doesn’t, at least it warns others of these “people” in society.  Remove them from search results? No way.  There’s also apparently an MP who has made the request of Google and I think I can guess who (after seeing numerous news reports of his conviction at the time).  If I’m right, I’ll be helping getting the results “remembered” again on my Twitter/Site, if he manages to disappear.

Going back to Microsoft, there’s a new report that Whatsapp has been removed from its Windows Phone Store….bad news for all 4 Windows Phone users…..joking aside, at time of writing it seems that no reasons have been given for the removal.

Google maps has apparently updated its cycle routes….great, that’s all we need – to encourage more cyclists.

And that’s my round up for today.  I plan to get a TechBits episode released this weekend so I hope to see you there!