Web round up – Free stuff, NSA Jobs & new packages!

Federation Against Copyright Theft - Don't get excited, its not a "cammer" it's a peeping tom and maybe a suggestion for those who fail in their Twitter application to the NSA.  Confused? It seems the world is, please read on.
Federation Against Copyright Theft – Don’t get excited, its not a “cammer” it’s a peeping Tom and maybe a suggestion for those who fail in their Twitter application to the NSA. Confused? It seems the world is, please read on.

I’ve had a pleasant surprise.

I have paid for 100gb of Google Drive storage for a while.  I’ve been very happy with the service and price (around £2 per month), but I was told recently that because I’ve purchased a Chromebook, I’m entitled to 100gb for 2 years for free! – Thank you very much, I’ll have that! – For those Chromebook purchasers who did not know about this deal, check your documentation/help files that came from the manufacturer of your device.  You may be entitled too! – You may have to delve deep, since its not exactly being shouted from the rooftops and nobody seemed in a hurry to inform me.

The NSA is recruiting new employee’s.  As is usual, if you were looking to employ people, you wouldn’t go the traditional route of CV’s, interviews and recruitment days….no, you’d go straight to Twitter.  Apparently there’s some tweets to “crack” if you want a job.   You can read more about it here.  For those people who find that code breaking “isn’t their thing”, maybe they can walk around their neighbourhood recording people’s phone-calls and snooping in on their private lives.  I’m sure the NSA will snap them up.  And if you fail there, you can always apply for the British “Intelligence” service who, as in everything these days, are a pale imitation of their American cousins.

Remember the Hudl? The sell-out budget tablet from Tesco’s?  It seems they now have a phone on the cards.    An Android phone at what is sure to be a budget price.  You can see more on that here.

Apparently last night Sky Services went down with many people left digitally stranded (for want of a better word)  I have Sky Broadband and can’t say I noticed.  Then again, the area where I live has such a shocking service anyway, I’m forced to strap data packets written on paper to carrier pigeon, in order to get a connection.  My upcoming move will be welcome, in this respect.

The Guardian asks.  Has cycling become a way of British life?  To which I’d say No.  Or, I hope not.  Cyclists (not the motor kind mind you) are the bane of my life.  The problem I have is that there is no regulation, no test and anyone can jump on a cycle and take to the roads.  I’d be happy to pay my taxes towards testing and licensing these cyclists, making them personally responsible for their actions.   Before you say there are bad motorists and go into a pro-cycle rant.  I agree with you, there are bad motorists, but motorists can be held accountable for their actions can’t they?  It’s rather more difficult with cyclists.  If you want to read the Guardian trying to pander to people being “green” and trendy, you can read the article here.

For those who have read my writing over the years, they will remember I’ve covered DosBox in many incarnations.  From it’s inclusion in Puppy Arcade Linux to the numerous (excellent) releases over the years.  I’m soon to cover it on ChromeOS as my Chromebook life continues (I’m awaiting a custom built rig to be delivered).  Suffice to say its an app that works very well on any platform and for ChromeOS its an offline app too, giving it the same functionality as its had elsewhere.  Great stuff.

My Chromebook life is going without hitch.  Infact for me, there’s only one thing missing, one thing which would make me switch permanently to a device that has seen me just as productive (if not more so).  What’s this missing feature? A decent VOIP service.  Yes I know Hangouts is very good, but it lacks the feature I require – to record.  Getting the TechBytes show recorded is something still being investigated, whilst I have no rig, I’ve no Mumble or similar in which to connect/record with Dr Schestowitz.  Watch this space, a solution will present itself, I’m sure.

That’s my web round-up for today, I find myself retreating back to my novel in the hope over getting at least 5000 words on paper (or screen).  Since the Portland Timbers finally got their first win of the season against DC, I find myself in the right mindset, with spirits lifted and a sense of hope for the future.


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