It’s slightly off topic for OpenBytes, but then of late I’ve diversified into current affairs, matters of faith and David Icke?!? as part of a larger exploration of the human condition.  Let me just make one thing clear for anyone reading this article regarding David Icke – I think his theories are a nonsense.  I don’t want you reading my opinions on Cannabis with the belief that I in some way condone or agree with what he says.

So Cannabis, Wacky Baccy, Splif, Joint, Toke, whatever name you care to put onto it.  Forget the UK being part of Europe, the UK’s influences come straight from the USA, where the UK always manages a poor and ill thought out emulation.

Since Cannabis has been legalized in a few states, you can almost guarantee that the UK will follow, so why do I think Cannabis should remain illegal?  Simple.  The people who smoke it.  I’m not talking about the responsible ones, I’m talking about the ones whom will get into a vehicle stoned out of their mind thinking they can drive, the one’s who turn up to work unfit, or are carers of vulnerable people. There is a large section of the community who cannot be trusted to behave responsibly, so putting aside any theories of long term harm of using Cannabis (and I’m neither agreeing or disagreeing with those theories) this is why we shouldn’t have another tool for which people can bring harm onto others.

But alcohol is just as bad I hear you cry!  I agree.  I don’t drink.  Because of the people who are not responsible and drive, I think that should be banned too, but then its easier to tackle something which is not legal rather than something that is and already entrenched into our culture.  The avoidable death of one person due to drink is one too many in my book.

But it has medical benefits! – And I’d agree there too.  I’ve heard many testimonies from people with debilitating illness who have found relief in cannabis and for those, on the basis of a prescription, I’d fully support in having the drug.

Until we can live in a world where all adults are responsible, a small number of people will always ruin it for the general populas.

If there is no medical need to have cannabis, I wonder why an adult would choose to indulge?  Is their life so bad that they gain enjoyment from being out of sync with their faculties? Is their life so dull that they would need a drug (natural or not) in order to derive pleasure from life?  It seems a very sad way to be and I often look with sympathy at the people who get drunk every Friday and Saturday night in order to “have a good time”.  I can have a good time without alcohol or drugs.  What does it say about people who rely on these things?

Cannabis I’m sure will eventually be made legal.  Not because of bowing to pressure from the members of public who want it, but because of one simple thing: Money.  The government smells a good thing here and after watching the US test cases, its already thinking about spending the extra money it will earn from the tax.

So all you Cannabis users, just sit tight.  Your government will provide, you’ll consume and a tidy profit will be made off the back of the fact that you need that “little extra something” to relax/enjoy yourself.