Google Glass – Why I’m not interested.

A short rant for today.

I’m fed up with Google Glass.  Not the endless reviews mind you, I’m fed up with the people not on the Google payroll who insist on pushing it on every user they come across.  These fanboys/girls are so besotted with their latest toy, all reason seems to fly out of the window to the point where they cannot fathom anyone not as excited as they are.

I’ve had a go on one of these devices and I’m impressed with the technology.  It’s one heck of an achievement, but just like in the 90’s when I had a go on the VR helmet/ride which emulated hang-gliding, I don’t want to own one.

So you can have the time constantly displayed in the corner of your vision? I’ve got another device which may amaze you, its called a watch and I only have to turn my wrist towards my eyes to see it.  Can you imagine having one of those days where you’re bored and time seems to lag, only to be reminded of how slowly the time is going in the corner of your vision?  Or what about your alerts? Can anyone envisage needing to instantly “see” your latest email?  People can’t reach into their pockets and look at their smartphone/tablet?  Personally I would like the choice and if I don’t want to read the latest message to me I can leave it in my pocket.  Maybe for Google Glass users, the idea of dipping into their pocket is too much effort?

The biggest problem I have with Google Glass is the fact that if you meet any of its users, you potentially have a camera in your face.  If you went around your local town pointing your phones camera at everyone, how would you think people would feel? and you know very soon, we will see in the news someone abusing the features of Google Glass.

Its reported that Google Glass advocates are coming to your town and that was the catalyst for writing this article.  I am quite happy for Google Glass users to love their devices, however I don’t want them ranting on at me about it and I certainly don’t want their camera’s pointed at me.

There’s something very strange about Google Glass “advocates” and its something akin to Justin Beiber fans.

Hopefully the novelty of Google Glass will wear off, or at-least be limited to their own forums and fan pages.

For the record, I am not a Google “hater” (its one of the ways a Google Glass Advocate rationalizes someone not interested in their toy) infact quite the opposite, I’m currently writing this on a Chromebook and am a very heavy user of many Google services – Doc’s, Drive, Groups, G+, Google, Gmail.  I was also an early adopter of the ill fated GoogleWave and certainly no “hater” of Google products and my smartphones are Android, as are the tablets that I use.


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  1. Good article, but I don’t like Glass because I don’t want a future when, where I go, it’s going to be an asshole recording everything, including myself and sharing my image with this location on god knows where pages on internet. I want to be my only owner of my own data. A few years ago, people didn’t use the mobile phones, now we have one of them in our pockets.

    The technology that Glass uses it’s awesome, and that’s the scary thing. We really don’t know how to use the technology and Google abuse of that fact.

    I don’t care if you use more or less products of Google (no ofense) but, that’s YOUR CHOICE to share YOUR INFORMATION. If Google knows where are you and what do you use in every moment and you are ok with that, good for you, bou please, don’t share any information about people who cares their privacy (like me).

    By the way:

    Again, good article, I’ll share it!!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      Completely agree with the recording everything aspect of Google Glass.

      When I talk of the Google services I use, that was more to do with stopping the Glass fanboys/girls from claiming “Google Hater” its a good way they can weasel out of justifying the glass tech.

      I’ve spoken numerous times on TechBytes about personal information being shared and unfortunately its already written into every T&C of every UK ISP that you agree (if you use the ISP) to allow agencies to access the data recorded at an ISP level for the “prevention/detection of crime”. Unless you go down the route of encryption, the data passing between any device you have and the ISP is fair game.

      Can I ask. Do you have a debit card? – This is one item which many people overlook and is probably the biggest insight into your personal life you’ve got. Again, the data here is attainable by agencies.

      What about a passport? …the list goes on. I agree peoples privacy is important, but you can’t avoid spreading it around. As for my files, well since everything I do is publicly available, I’ve no problem with my files being out there. If holiday/family snaps are interesting to the government, then fine….I’ve no idea what my local store does with them either when I take them down to be developed.

      As for my password services, I have to admit the benefit of convenience far outweighs any concerns….My social media is all public anyway.

      Its a great picture you’ve included and its very informative, I think as long as people use these services with their eyes wide open to the issues, then there’s no problem at all.

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