Web round up – Sports Yapper, Forgotten Myths, Mario

The Federation Against Copyright Theft's staff have all the "extra" powers in law the Honey Monster does.  That's exactly the same powers any citizen of the UK has.
The Federation Against Copyright Theft’s staff have all the “extra” powers in law the Honey Monster does.  More info in article!

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve had to contend with moving, being a Hatters Fan (and a Portland Timbers fan – but we won’t go there) as well as the end of the football season rapidly approaching.  I’ve got a few deadlines, edits to be made, failed appointments for the TechBytes show.  It’s all been very hectic.  One thing I did manage to do was completely remove myself from Facebook.  After all the allegations and FB’s refusal to remove awful bigoted and hateful pages from its social network, I have dropped them quicker than a Windows memory leak (figuratively speaking)

I feel cleaner as a result too.

Talking of feeling cleaner, the Federation Against Copyright Theft seems to have stopped following me on Twitter.  Maybe it was because they realized that the pirate hat in my profile was part of a costume and I’m a FOSS/GNUl/LINUX advocate or maybe it was because to date they have not answered any of my challenges.  Or maybe it was in my last article (which after numerous links to, pulled in a very good readership) reminded people that the staff who work for FACT (a privately run business funded by other businesses) have no powers in law above that which is granted to every citizen in the UK.  Sure, they may have an ID badge/card, but in reality, this holds as much authority as the Honey Monster ID cards you used to get from boxes of Sugar Puffs.

The “Drop Dropbox” campaign continues on Twitter and if you don’t know why you should consider “dropping the box” then you could start reading here. There’s plenty of alternatives too, although sadly Canonical’s Ubuntu One is being closed.

Sports Yapper (http://sportsyapper.com)

It seems fitting that my first gem I’ve found online (as a result of plugs from Talk Sport Radio) is the Sports Yapper.  Think Twitter for sports with 300 chars instead of 140.  There’s dedicated “hang-outs” for whatever team or sport you are into and works in exactly the same way as Twitter with a few notable exceptions.  Firstly matches currently playing which you are interested in are displayed in realtime in the app or page (depending on if you are on the desktop or not) and its sports chat only.

Why should you use Sports Yapper when you already have Twitter? If you are like me, the majority of your follows will not share the love of your sport of choice and even less likely to support your team.  With Sports Yapper you can stop flooding your timeline (and maybe lose followers) with sports related emotion and views which the majority of people are not interested in.  You’ll also pick up more banter, because everyone on Yapper, like you is there for the sport.  Forget #tags or @’s take your love of sport to Yapper.  Even better, you can use Twitter to log in.

Last night the David Moyes leak (don’t worry if you don’t know) was all over Yapper and discussed to death before it even really entered my timeline on Twitter.  Get yourself over there!

There’s an app for your Apple or Android phone and it can be viewed in a browser.

Forgotten Myths (http://forgottenmyths.com)

CCG’s or customizable card games seem to have seen a resurgence in popularity with the mainstream.  In their “physical form” they have been going for years, from Pokemon to Magic the Gathering (and I hasten to add a very good one player game called Space Hulk, set in the Warhammer 40k universe)

Magic the Gathering has been released in tablet form now and whilst it brings a whole set of new fans to the game, there are a few left out, most notable phone users.  Forgotten Myths is a game similar to Magic, with fantastic artwork, a compelling set of rules (and not just a “going through the motions” of some CCG’s)

Forgotten Myths gets the OpenBytes mention for two reasons.  Firstly its an in-depth CCG that is able to be played very comfortably on an Android phone and secondly because it has a Linux client for the desktop.  Great stuff.

If you are thinking about playing this, whilst its a great game, you will need to spend some time understanding the rules of play.  This isn’t Candy Crush!

The game is free to play and there are in app purchases (although I’m told these are not essential)

You can check out the game for yourself on your iPhone or Android market places and also at http://forgottenmyths.com to pick up your desktop Linux version.

Super Mario (http://navigamer.com/html5-mario/)

Everyone loves Mario (well I didn’t – but that’s another story) and here is a version of the Nintendo classic that can be played in the browser.  A little time waster that’s actually quite fun.

And Finally

I’ve an apology to make since I know many of you won’t share either my love of Football or of Luton Town, but I just wanted to say:


Image Source: www.lutontown.co.uk
Image Source: http://www.lutontown.co.uk

We’ve won the league, we’ve got promotion, Andre Gray is looking to be top goal scorer for the season.  Now lets hope some Hatter’s skill gets transferred to the progressing season of the Portland Timbers (my second team) who are not having the best of starts at the moment.

Football related material ends, normal service will resume.


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