Web round up – A random exploration of happenings

Many topics have grasped my attention this week, I’ve been distracted numerous times with the Twitterverse of things to the detriment of my writing, the extent where my second novel “Vacuum” only received 5000 or so new words.



One of the things that struck me in my extended loitering on Twitter is how many truly stupid, bigoted and hateful folk there are out there.  How do I know? Because many of them decided to strike up “debates” with me.  I lost a little faith in humanity for a while as it seems that for many on Twitter, you don’t need a point of view you can back up, merely a vocabulary of vulgarities and childish potty-mouth one liners.

Lets start with The People’s Voice.  For those that don’t know its the Web based “TV channel” that’s got David Icke behind it.  David Icke, remember him? He claimed on national TV to be the Son of God and now talks about trans-dimensional lizards and their hybrids which have infiltrated the upper echelons of society.  The moon is artificial by the way and Saturn is some sort of transmitter which helps project a fake reality to us all here on planet Earth.

Whilst David Icke will take many hours and many books to explain all this, I’ve managed it in a paragraph (please David Icke fan’s correct me if there’s anything incorrect in that text or missing)

The People’s Voice was looking to raise a further 100k (I believe its had nearly 1/2 million in donations already) which was then reduced to 50k, which I hasten to add it’s not reached.  Apparently after going out with cash on the hip and buying camera’s, studios et al, they now want to move to an established studio and change from being Web only to a Satellite offering. – Doesn’t look like that will happen now (since they didn’t meet their 50k goal).

So it appears the trans-dimensional lizards have won.  Secure the tin foil hat if you don’t want to be brainwashed.  And whilst TPV claimed to go where the mainstream media didn’t, there’s been nothing on the “channel” which I’ve not seen on mainstream TV already (and more professionally produced) or on the thousands of hours of Youtube material which talk about the same things.

Those who fancy a little retro gaming can take a look at Dragon’s Lair (browser based Flash game) – it brought back happy memories. You can play it here: http://www.dragonslairflash.com/

I found a decent FREE service that allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones in the UK.  There’s no sign up nor cost, take a look, it works well: http://www.cbfsms.com/

Those interested in Sci-fi (as readers or writers) should keep an eye on a new “open source” writing project.  Set in a defined universe its intended that contributors will populate the worlds with stories in a collaboration project.  Its a great idea and if you are a new writer (or established one) looking to put your name and works out there, its projects like these that let you do that. http://neoxeno.com/

Those interested in copyright issues should visit here: http://www.acpo-police.co.uk/.  Its the story of a copyright infringement.  Before you think this will be one of the many we see on sites such as TorrentFreak, you’ll see that this is rather different.  Quoted from the Twitter account:

posting about my ongoing issues with ACPO, the Met and the WMP using my copyright protected training material in their own training documents

The site (and experiences of its creator) make for interesting viewing to see how this issue is resolved and I hope he gets the resolution he is after.

It’s very telling that FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) haven’t shown any interest to date in helping this gentleman get justice.  But then I have an article about FACT coming and it’s no surprise to me at all.  – But that’s article is for another day.  What is interesting is that FACT follow me on Twitter.  Maybe it’s because I wear a pirate hat on my profile picture?  Who knows? They are not too keen on engaging and its rare to get a response…..”they just like to watch” seemingly.

I’ve started a series of blocks on Twitter accounts of all the government agencies/celebrities/silly people who infect my timeline with their inane rubbish.  It’s not a boycott believing that it will stop them reading my Tweets (because all my Tweets are public anyway) its more being totally fed up with their attempts of self promotion in the Twitterverse.

And that is me finished for the day.  Yet again I’ve neglected my writing and tomorrow I’ll hopefully be recording for the TechBytes show (as well as having a day of football viewing) – so thats another day lost.  For those interested TechBytes is part of a collaborative work under the BytesMedia umbrella.  You can visit the site here: http://www.bytesmedia.co.uk .





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