I’ve often written about Google services and pay for extra storage on my Google Drive (100gb).  This morning I recieved an email to inform me that the price has now been dropped which means I’m now paying $1.99 for my 100gb.  That equates to about £1.20 a month for me.

Techcrunch reports:

Google’s new prices significantly undercut those of many of its competitors in this space. Dropbox, for example, charges $9.99 a month for 100GB. Paid plans for Microsoft’s OneDrive, which offers 7GB of free storage, start at $25 per year for 50GB of storage and 100GB costs $50. Google, as far as I’m aware, does not offer any discounts for pre-paying for an annual plan.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/13/google-drive-gets-a-big-price-drop-100gb-now-costs-1-99-a-month/

So yet again we see Microsoft on the back foot.  Recently Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox One to match the PS4, the difficulty here though is that the PS4 in my view is vastly higher specification than its lesser XboxOne cousin.

It'll be a long time before Microsoft sinks, but when it does, don't expect it to go down quietly.
It’ll be a long time before Microsoft sinks, but when it does, don’t expect it to go down quietly.

When we look at the mainstream consumer, the desktop is being replaced with tablets and mobile devices, both of which Microsoft has very little claim to.  Consoles are increasingly the one-stop shop for gaming and entertainment and worse still, if sales are correct, even Nintendo managed to outsell Microsoft last month in this department.

Perhaps the smartest decision Steve Ballmer ever made was to get out when he did.

Is Microsoft a sinking ship? Well with its war-chest of cash it will take a long while.  What I do think though is Microsoft is a spiteful bully and if it does go down it will bring as many others down with it as it can.