The People’s Voice – Icke TV

Want a good idea of David Icke's theories? Watch the Matrix/They Live and a little "V the final battle" - You'll get the idea.
Want a good idea of David Icke’s theories? Watch the Matrix/They Live and a little “V the final battle” – You’ll get the idea.

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while, having taken the time to research the views of a famous (or infamous) person called David Icke.  I was reminded of this gentleman recently due to one of those people who think 9/11 was some sort of conspiracy decided to cite David as being some sort of evidence for their “theories”

I have to be very careful how I write this, since the views held by some of these people will seek escape from the difficult questions by claiming “closed mind” or worse “brain washed”.

I’ve been reading, watching and listening to a plethora of works from David Icke – you may have heard of him, he’s the person who talks about mankind being controlled by extra dimensional/terrestrial Lizards (and their hybrid offspring) on the planet earth.  Previously a footballer and sports commentator oh, and he claimed to be the son of God.  Now after a resume like that, who could fail to be interested in the works of Mr Icke and try to learn some lessons (or “wake up” as he would say) about what it is that David Icke stands for and maybe more importantly what the culmination of a considerable amount of money via his kickstarter appeal is.

Their humans Jim, but not as we know it.

If we can move past his previous “son of God” claims and get to the crux of his theories.

Reality is fake, its all a facard to control us.  Who controls us? Some sort of transdimensional lizards who have over the years also created human/lizard hybrids which are now in positions of power on our planet.  In that sentence I’ve managed to sum up the plethora of books, talks, video’s and radio interviews that Mr Icke has done.  Of course, delve deeper and you get extra’s such as the moon being fake, Saturn being some sort of communication device.  But I think you can get the idea from the first line of this paragraph.  If you want to know more its probably quicker to watch the films The Matrix and/or They Live (with maybe a splattering of V the Series) which should fill in any gaps as his theories tend to come more from Hollywood.  There’s other theories too from different people, replace Lizards with Neanderthals, put them underground instead of a different dimension and you’ve got another similar theory – but that will be covered another day and for the purposes of clarity we will concentrate on these pesky transdimensional lizards.

The Queen of England is a lizard hybrid , didn’t you know?  And this also seems perversely to be part of Mr Icke’s “proof” that his theories are sound – she’s not sued him, nor have any of the other people he’s “outed” as being one of these hybrids so he must be right!?!

So in keeping with the David Icke school of logic, here and now I claim that the Queen is a transdimensional Zebra, who commands earth atop of a giant elephant, currently parked in orbit around Titan (moon of Saturn).  Lets see if I’m sued.  If I’m not then we’ve got problems, it must mean I’m right too.

Snake in the grass

Many followers of David and his theories try to rationalize their views by making sweeping claims on the back of convenient facts.  For example the claim is the snake/reptile has been depicted throughout history as “evil” or for want of a better word “the devil”.   What Icke and crew don’t mention is that this makes perfect sense, since the snake (which are known for their aggression and danger to man) are present in every country on the planet where you found humans (with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions)  It would make sense that a creature which posed a threat to man, was not as shy as other dangerous creatures, would be depicted in religion as being evil.  This is one of Icke’s theories that are explained with sound reasoning, there’s many others.

If you ever manage to get David Icke to engage in a Q&A and to date he’s not answered any of mine, ask him what he thinks of the BCG.  Since his claim is that vaccinations are here to control us, let him confirm that he recommends children don’t get vaccinated with the BGC.  I bet he won’t and that to me says much about David Icke’s views.

The Peoples Voice

With the Kickstarter under his belt, Mr Icke has gone off purchasing, and with cash on the hip (metaphorically) and bought himself a range of equipment to produce his TV channel.  Except its not a TV channel in the sense its broadcast via Sky or terrestrial means, its a web TV channel.  This begs the question is Icke claiming Youtube (where there is so much of his material) is censoring? – I bet he’s not.  So the question would be, why would Icke need your money when he can use Youtube already?  Maybe he might need some to hire staff to maintain his Youtube channel, but why does he go to the expense of new camera’s and studios when we are already seeing lots of HD Icke on Youtube right now.

David Icke has made a request for your video’s and presumably he’s after ones that back up (or at least don’t contradict) his view.  Thats why he states on Youtube they need to be password protected – so that nobody can watch them before they air on Icke TV I assume.  So now the Peoples Voice is looking like a channel that takes away material from the already established Youtube.  That doesn’t sound to me like a channel which is after spreading truth, it sounds like it wants to take material from the massive exposure of Youtube and put it on its own area of internet.  And unlike Youtube which catches the vast range of internet users, who will be watching Icke TV in the main? – it will be the already converted and  ”preaching to the choir”.

I have mixed feelings about Icke.  As an entertainer he’s quite good.  His books whilst take everything to the nth degree are an entertaining read, but it worries me that for some David Icke is far more than that.  If you look at Youtube you have people “exposing” celebrities by claiming that the technology they are using to hide their Lizard origins is being picked up on video (yes I’m serious).  What Mr Icke has never explained to these poor souls (and I’m sure he knows about this) is that what is being exposed as Lizards is actual digital artifacting, something which happens all the time and can be easily emulated on ANYTHING.  I suppose the more Lizard videos out there the better because it supports his view.  This is one of the many tragic pastimes conducted by people who take theories like Mr Icke’s seriously.

Maybe I’m a lizard hybrid? Maybe I’ve not woken up yet? Maybe I’m sent to discredit Icke in order to stop him revealing the truth? – Maybe, because conspiracy theory always has a back up plan around the corner.

Or maybe its that I am fully awake (like the majority of sound mind and body) and don’t buy into the transdimensional ramblings of theories such as these?  Whatever the truth, unlike Mr Icke I won’t be charging you for the privilege of my views.  I have written for many years extolling the virtues of Free Software and the dubious practices of large companies.  I did this for free because I have an honest held belief that free and open software is far better for the end-user, can Mr Icke say the same?  – Well one has to wonder and that’s why it seems through the 20 or so years of Icke material, there’s always an implication of it all being answered soon…in the next book or next year you will get the answer.  You can sell more books and talks that way.

Are there a greedy few who have too much power and influence on this planet? Yes.  Is the common man and woman exploited by these individuals? Yes.  Is there corruption in the corridors of power? Yes.  Is this all the doing of transdimensional lizards? No, but then the reality wouldn’t sell as many books would it?


6 thoughts on “The People’s Voice – Icke TV

  1. The usual hit piece- long on critique short on fact . Well you got me… 9/11 actually happened as the goverment said it did? What a full and convincing arguement you put forward – no more listening to structural engineers for me then.

    1. I could reply and say “the usual counter when there are no facts presented”… Hit piece? Just what have I said that was incorrect? Lets clarify for you..
      Lizards involved in 911? No…. Did government use 911 to further their foreign policy agenda? Of course.

      In your defence of what you see as a slight against Icke, you missed what was actually put.

      “What a full and convincing arguement you put forward – no more listening to structural engineers for me then.”

      Not mentioning the spelling, I think I get what you are trying to say. I purposefully avoided 911 conspiracies, theory, fact and guess work, for the exact reason that I get people with bad spelling and difficulty holding a debate arguing….. Talking of conspiracies, how do you know that the engineers whom you support are not part of the conspiracy to make a mockery of the real one which they are trying to keep secret.

      See? There’s always another conspiracy just around the corner and usually these conspiracies are touted by people trying to sell books and tickets to talks.

      I’m still struggling to see how an article about Icke’s lizards gives any views that I may or may not have on 911….tell you what, why don’t you tell people what my view is? You seem to be the expert.

      And you have highlighted exactly why, if there is a conspiracy going on, people like you would never get it right. You can’t even form a debate about an article in front of you.

  2. You’re right when you say you’ll be accused of having a ‘closed mind’, er, because you have. You don’t think there’s anything on this planet/in this universe that is beyond you? (like even ET lizards – which you swiftly proclaim as nonsense. Now I’m not saying it’s correct, but you see, I’m looking for answers, not other people to back up what I already think). It’s all a bit too weird for you, isn’t it? Now,back to more pressing matters, what time does Marks and Sparks shut?

  3. “You’re right when you say you’ll be accused of having a ‘closed mind’, er, because you have. ”

    “Er”…. I think you a liar. You’ve got no clue what my POV is on any of the subject you’ve mentioned. This article is about Icke and his lizards. I have not given my views on what I “believe”

    ” You don’t think there’s anything on this planet/in this universe that is beyond you? ”
    Where did I say that? Telling lies again or unable to read. There’s certainly much beyond you, reading this article properly for starters.

    ” I’m looking for answers” – No you are not, you are coming here making claims about what you think I believe based on an article about David Icke and his lizards. I bet you don’t find many answers in life with your technique. I suggest you refine it.

    “It’s all a bit too weird for you, isn’t it?” – In respect of people like yourself who imagine what my POV is and then try to imply it as fact, yes, without doubt.

    “Now,back to more pressing matters, what time does Marks and Sparks shut?” – I wont give an answer, because as your reply has demonstrated, you will merely tell lies about what I actually put.

  4. Mr Wilson… you r ( very intelligent ) LEFT brain prisoner… That simple,
    and best wishes. Looks like you cannot rule at all, so you just try to divide haha ! Ommm

    1. Rule? Left brain prisoner? Why? – Because I don’t believe that Transdimension Lizards are controlling mankind? That I don’t believe the moon is infact a spaceship? or the claims David Icke made about being the Son of God? Ok.

      And whats this tot about divide? How on Earth can I divide people who believe in the above? Can anyone’s reason or words be powerful enough against that sort of mindset? I don’t think so.

      The problem I have (and I have no problem if you believe in Lizards and moonships) is that at the end of these conspiracies (and the thousands of others over the net) there’s a cost. You have to buy the books,buy the DVD’s, buy tickets to talks etc.

      As I say above I had an honest held belief in what I have opinion on (mainly GNU/Linux and FOSS) – I certainly wouldn’t dream of charging people for money for that passion – Other people do and often in the conspiracy world. Why is that?

      I’m not here to divide any lizard believer, I couldn’t and because you don’t dare argue the points for a Lizard theory, somehow I am a left brain prisoner. Yep that sounds sensible. I am open to any theory, but in that openness I don’t remove a sense of reality, nor, when I find what I believe to be the truth, charge people for the privilege of knowing it too.

      But then again, its comments like yours and the others here which I’ve shown up which prove that with any conspiracy theory, the last thing it wants is freedom of speech and the only positive I can draw out of your reply, is that you’ve not resorted to telling lies or being vulgar. Thats a good start. Believe what you like, why not believe I’m one of those Lizards here to divide or believe that I’m merely one of the brainwashed masses who “conveniently” can’t see these lizards evil plans – the majority. Maybe you can make a conspiracy out of me being a Lizard agent….I’m sure theres another book there to be sold at the very least.

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