ANDROID: Steel Commanders – SciFi card battling!


Gamevil have released their new card game for Android on the Google Play Store.  This science fiction based collectable card game has a more adult slant than their previous success “Monster Warlord” and provides a more customizable experience for choosing your cards for battle.  With Monster Warlord being one of Gamevil’s popular titles, there can be no avoiding comparisons between that and Steel Commanders.

Your standard quest screen.  There's nice special effects for your battles too.
Your standard quest screen. There’s nice special effects for your battles too.

There are three factions to choose from at the beginning of the game – Agartha, Troy or Pacifica, each with their own benefits and there’s even customization of your own leadership, with bonuses to be had on attacks etc as well as being able to distribute points to your quest energy and battle energy (or defence).  Steel Commanders lets you link your profile with either your Gamevil account or Facebook. I chose the later and found my profile pic nicely displayed alongside my profile stats.

The game plays very much like Monster Warlord, in that you have quests to complete (with quest energy required to complete them) and the ability to attack other players, form alliances.  It also has “invasions” which are thrown into your gameplay and allow you to take on boss type characters.

The game is presented very well.  Your cards get experience for the battles they participate in and you can upgrade your cards by combining them with others.

Steel Commanders is very polished in its presentation, it allows for more depth than the comparative title of Monster Warlord and its also a freemium release meaning that you can spend as much or as little on the title as you want.

A side-note here for the many people who complain about freemium, a friend of mine is also playing the Gamevil release Monster Warlord and has not spent any money on it.  I on the other-hand have, yet my friend is further in the game and far more powerful a character, which goes to show either freemium gives you choices in how you play, or I’m absolutely rubbish at Monster Warlord – take your pick!

The artwork in Steel Commanders is very good and you’d be forgiven for drawing more than one similarity to Warhammer 40,000.

The added depth of being able to customize your attack and defence squad, as well as upgrade and gain experience with individual cards, make this a game of more depth than Monster Warlord and maybe for this reason aimed at the older player.

Possibly the depth of this game (especially those new to the card battling genre) may be a little overwhelmed at first.  The tutorial for new players seems to stop abruptly, leaving you to get on with things with very little assistance.  This is not so much a problem if you keep with the game for a few hours and the mechanics of the game reveal themselves to you.

There’s special effects to make the battles far more interesting than the rather generic battles you see on Monster Warlord, however this doesn’t always work in the favour of Steel Commander as its not as simple to merely have a quick play without all the “fluff”.

Yours stats and the game mechanics work very similar to Monster Warlord although there is far more customization to this game.
Yours stats and the game mechanics work very similar to Monster Warlord although there is far more customization to this game.

There’s been a few server errors (yes Steel Commander, like Monster Warlord needs a permanent connection) but that’s probably down to the title being new and the server dealing with the influx of users.

All being said, this is a great title which is sure to reveal more “gems” as time progresses, since its not as established as Monster Warlord, the online help, tips and communities are yet to find their feet.  If you jump on-board now you may well have an advantage when Steel Commanders gets established.  I think Gamevil have another hit on their hands in the coming weeks

Now, when is Monster Warlord Dungeons coming?

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