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Continuing with my run of looking at Android titles, here’s a little gem which has been out for a while now.  It seems prudent to give it a small review, firstly because its been given some considerable attention by my son and I, and also because there is a new add-on/adventure to be released which is causing a little speculation around the Monster Warlord community.

The game is free.  Free with patience or paid if you want those perks that will hurry along the experience somewhat.  The best way to describe Monster Warlord is: Pokemon (Monster collection & battle).   You collect monsters, complete quests, form alliances battle monsters and all the things which you would expect from a Pokemon/Card Battle type system.

The "home" screen gives you access to all the area's of the game.  - You can also add my alliance code!
The “home” screen gives you access to all the area’s of the game. – You can also add my alliance code!

The game-play appears deceptively simple at first and whilst it will take some time to familiarise yourself with the menu system and the mechanics of the game, its a rewarding experience in that there is quite a bit of tactical play involved.  There are so many facet’s of your “monster card deck” that you can customize in order to complete quests, battle the “boss” monsters or indeed battle other players of similar standing.

You can create new monsters by combining two other (which if successful creates a more power and rarer creature).  Just like in a TCG (trading card game) there’s rare characters that are going to take much work (and luck) to get, this adds to the appeal of the game as well as the “gamble” aspect when you attempt to upgrade your current deck.

Personalization of your character of gives the game another level of depth with choices of Warrior, Tycoon or Ranger in addition to your monster pack.  (See tips below)

Free or Pay?

Monster Warlord manages to strike a nice balance between those who want to pay for a quicker/more powerful experience, but there’s nothing to say that the same cannot be achieved via invested time.    Recently Gamevil has come under fire for it’s freemium model, however I would say certainly for the case of Monster Warlord its rather fair.

I have also to mention about Gamevil customer service which is second to none.  After my lad wanted to make an in-game purchase and there was an error (at my end I believe) Gamevil staff responded and solved the problem via email correspondence in a matter of hours – great stuff!


Monster Warlord is a great game.  It’s very easy to give it five minutes and say “all you have to do to complete a quest is press the “do it” button” (which has been mentioned on other sites) however MW is far more than that.  There are some features I’d like to see added, for example have two live chat rooms (instead of just one) so that requests for alliances can be kept separate from those who wish to chat.  I’d also like to see the ability to search for a player (either by name or by alliance code)

There’s an add-on due for release – Monster Warlord Dungeons and maybe some of these items will be addressed then, in the meantime its a great game that you can devote as little or as much time to as you wish and still have a very enjoyable experience.  Recommended!


I’ve been playing this with my son for only a short period of time, but here are some tips which I can pass on and hopefully you can avoid some of the issues my deck has had when I’ve battled other players.

1. When you level up, put your points into energy and stamina – anything else is a waste.  I didn’t listen and found that the benefits of having higher attack can be matched with just buying a few more cards.

2. Join in alliance with as many players as you can.  See the links section below and download the app that assists you in adding alliances (if it works on your phone/tablet) – also check the link below for clan lists as well as keeping an eye on the live chat in-game.

3. Warrior is the best character class to choose.

4. Make sure you attack the world monster at least once – you will get jewels just for that.

5. Do sign up to the offers (usually just other free Gamevil titles) as you can earn jewels this way very easily.

6. If you want a strong attack then its the Dark monsters you should be looking at more, if its defence then Holy and for both Fire monsters will give more balanced points.

Some sites you may want to visit:

Monster Warlord Guide – A very good all round guide.

Clan Codes – Here you will find many players alliance codes that you can add to increase your deck.

There’s many more since Monster Warlord has quite a following.  Maybe you can add mine/my son’s character? 729 240 6202

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  2. Monster warlord is a fun game but its hard to keep up with people who spend. And some people spend a lot of money on monster warlord. That being said its still a cool game.

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