Review: AM-TECH – Magnifying Glass Soldering Stand

AM-Tech BoxThe term “false economy” is often thrown at budget offerings of more expensive pieces of equipment.  Happily after receiving this from Ebay that was not the case here.

Costing £8.45 and £2.75 for postage, it was a bit of a risk, after all, that’s not very much for what it claims to be.

I can report, its of good quality, although strangely the box downplays the actual product. Firstly, the box clearly says “batteries not included”, yet inside there’s 3 provided (and in their own compartment in the packaging. Secondly it says 2x magnification – this is incorrect, it is definitely alot more than that.

The twist-able arms lock into any position you require and the crocodile clips hold the item firmly in place. The base is well fixed and certainly not prone to tipping.

The item is definitely aimed at the electronics project, but in my view is ideal for painting, repairing miniatures.

AM-TECH ProductThe built in light (an led which is activated via a button on the magnifying glass is very bright and whilst I cannot give you a battery life for using it yet, I’d guess a good couple of hours constant use.

I think it was a bargain. It all fits together very well and is very solid. You can find many sellers of this budget device on eBay and I’d say for the price, you can’t go wrong.

You will find this product on Ebay (and other sources) from a number of different sellers.





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