HMVApparently there are many people “caring” about the recent closure on the High Street of HMV.  I’m not referring to the many staff that find themselves out of work either, I’m talking about the younger generation who claim to have “fond” memories of the store which they seem to associate with an integral part of their development into adulthood.

Whilst we can look past the latest generation equivalent of “rose tinted glasses” what many people seem to forget is the damage stores like HMV did to the independent retailer.  I remember my local record store.  Run by a family who’s lively-hood hinged upon a good business.  These were the 1980’s version of Google.  Ask them a question about a band, hum them a partial tune and ask for it to be named; they knew the answer.  They took a keen interest in the business and were genuinely grateful of your custom.

Now lets skip on a few years to the big names that invaded the high-street with their discounts, 2 for 1 deals and prices which were so cheap they were almost giving them away.  Staff on minimum wage, staff who really had no interest in your or the genre, the day didn’t consist of them trying to sell things to make a living, it consisted of them being rude and discourteous to customers. – Of course this doesn’t apply to all retail staff, but I think most people can relate to this picture.

Now at one time stores like HMV were the school yard bullies on the high-street, pushing their little guy away in a cachophony of discounts and deals but as bullies always find out in the end, someone bigger turns up.  The someone bigger is online shopping and maybe when we see these displays of faux sympathy for HMV these people can maybe consider that HMV “died by the sword it lived by”.

The High Street now will only get worse.  What with giving over our retail independence to the large chains, when they pack up shop, you are left with nothing.  Added to that is the ever increasing parking restrictions, enforcement camera’s, increased fuel prices and you would be forgiven for thinking that the council/government don’t really want us leaving the house at all.  Maybe thats another reason why online shopping is so popular – it really is no hassle (in most cases)

Over on the Independent:

No high street closure – bar the once-giant Allders in my Croydon hometown – has touched me in the way HMV’s demise has.


Does that type of melodrama need any further comment?

And please, if anyone thinks about suggesting that I should feel sorry for the workers that are now jobless – I’ll put the same point to you in regards to the thousands upon thousands of independent retailers who lost their shops/homes to companies like HMV on the high-street   Good riddance HMV, those who live by the sword, die by the sword and someone else was better at your game than you were.

Tim (Goblin)


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