Android Review: Defence Zone 2

splash_logoReleased on 10th January 2013 is Defence Zone 2 for the Android platform which I’ll be taking look at today.

Defence Zone 2 is the work of Artem Kotov and interestingly the game promises a Linux release in the future. You can visit the official website here:

Seriously, it’s like playing a TD game using the aerial view of Google Maps…


Well no its not and whilst the excited reviewer above gets a little too enthusiastic, the rest of us can take a step back and look at this with a level head.

Surprisingly Defence Zone 2 is the sequel to Defence Zone 😉 in which you place different turrets and weapons in a manner akin to your traditional tower defence game.

The game itself is probably somewhere between Tower Defence and Command & Conquer although its far more simplistic allowing for a “straight into the action” game.

Graphically its very nice, although I think the Googlemaps comment is rather exaggerated and I’d rather describe it as Command and Conquer on crack.  It frantic, its fun and great for a quick blast.  The problem is though that addictive, simple games are easy to come by on Android and with advances in the smartphone world with games like Bards Tale mean that comments like “its great for a phone” no longer hold as much water as people demand (and expect) more involved games from their smart-phones.

The barrier has been raised as to what passes as a great Android game and unfortunately whilst good, Defence Zone 2 offers nothing which makes it stand out in a very crowded market.  Defence Zone 2 is available as a both free version and paid app.  I’d suggest you go for the free version, I can’t see this being played long enough to justify the cost.

Tim W (Tech Goblin)

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