About as good as I look in a dress. Shame Mark has been rumbled, I had planned on enrolling on a new course
About as good as I look in a dress. Shame Mark has been rumbled, I had planned on enrolling on a new course.

Doing his part to prove that the working in the tech world isn’t the sole remit of the social misfit or deviant, Mark Lancaster a Computer Consultant claimed to previously have worked for the Ministry of Defense and vetted to the highest levels, has been named as a person allegedly setting up a website offering to pay females tuition fee’s in exchange for a little slap and tickle.

The Independent this week tracked down the married father-of-two to his £460,000 home on the edge of the South Downs national park in Hampshire after he was filmed asking an undercover reporter to undergo a “practical assessment” with him to prove the “level of intimacy” she could provide for the website’s claimed clients.

Source: The Independent 

What’s maybe the real talking point is,  what are the views of the pro-Levinson report group? Since this news was uncovered by a journalist posing as a potential “beneficiary” one could argue there’s been a gross invasion of this mans privacy along with an issue of entrapment for the purposes of news.  Once the pro group have finished tittering (no pun intended) at the news about this chap maybe we could get a view?  The Levinson report in my view aimed to appease a faux shocked public, so that the government could save a little face and pretend its listening.  We already had legislation in place as the court cases from the News of the World show and the Levinson report for me merely adds fluff to an ecosystem of journalistic reporting there is already ample legislation to cover.

I wonder, should we damn the journalistic practices which highlighted this story? – I’ll let you decide whilst you consider how you would feel if one of your female relatives went to this man to get her tuition fee’s paid.

Since Mark Lancaster worked for the MOD and was security vetted to a very high level, one has to laugh (and not in a humorous way) at the security services and safeguards in the UK which have either catastrophically failed to notice this “Cash for Crumpet” scheme or have noticed it and don’t see any issues.

Now this gentleman has been exposed (again no pun intended) I think its safe to say his scheme is at an end.  Shame, I was just about to enrol on a course and I look lovely in a short skirt as long as you ignore the goatee beard.

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