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Develop for Windows RT – big money to be made (£52)!!!

10091709-us-penniesA game developer has reportedly made £52 on a game for the Windows RT, the “Great Big War Game” was a popular title on both Android and Apple devices, yet after being ported to Windows RT, made only £52.  Quite understandably the developer was not impressed:

Paul Johnson, a high level executive of UK games developer Rubicon, has criticised Microsoft for not supporting a Windows RT port of the successful mobile title, the Great Big War Game. Rubicon saw a return of just £52 from an estimated R&D spend of £10,000.

Source: ITPortal

Shortly after Tweeting about their displeasure, the Tweet disapeared to be presented with a message of Microsoft now working with them to “iron out problems”.  I wonder what sort of sweetener Microsoft offered in order to silence/change mind another critic of its platform?

Unfortunately the web already has hold of this tragic situation and the news is already out of the bag.  There’s several lessons to be learnt here, no matter if you are a consumer or a developer considering this platform.

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Tim Wilson

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