photoIt’s rare that I use this blog as a “blog” in the traditional sense of the word, so it’s about time to present a cachophony of views for you to read, injest and maybe get a little heated about.

Firstly, I’m unwell. Crippling pains have me rather short tempered and I’ve had a trip to the doctors I had two self-diagnosis’s in my mind – a strain of some description, or stones of some description (Kidney)? I’ll update as to the accuracy of my self diagnosis later.

Moving on and in brighter news, I’ve recieived a review copy of Vale of Stars by Sean O’Brien so I’ll be giving that the OpenBytes treatment shortly.

Windows Surface – I continue to see the problems  of a half baked product as its unleashed into the wild.  Certainly the queues Microsoft wanted for its release were absent and perhaps a omen for those brave enough to part with cash for one.  The sales have been described by some as “modest” but we all know Microsoft and it would have been bold and loud if the figures had even been near to reasonable. – Would it be premature to say that Surface will be joining WP7 in the Kin bin? – We’ll have to see.

Usenet – Watching the Microsoft advocates squirm in comp.os.linux.advocacy is a hobby of mine and whilst sometimes their insults can be extremely hateful, its the bile and hatred from the aforementioned Microsoft Advocates that have inspired me to continue writing all these years.  I am often asked why I don’t write more about Apple, well to be fair, given the choice I’d rather see Apple in a tech position of power than Microsoft.  Why? Because the mainstream consumers that I speak with are very happy with Apple products.  That was not the case with Microsoft.  In addition I’ve not met an Apple advocate who exhibited the same hatred, bile as we can see in the wibbly wobbly world of Microsoft advocacy.

Recently, in the world of Microsoft Advocacy, I saw two new claims about me.  The first from an MS advocate claiming that they knew me and that I was a salesman (I can’t recall the company name, but I would love them to visit here and give details).  The second “revelation” was that my surname was “Wilson”.  Of course I’ve never had a sales position of any kind at any time of my working life and in addition I’ve never worked for any company, firm, organization remotely connected with tech, but why would that stop the professional liars that advocate Microsoft on Usenet?  As for my surname being Wilson, they obviously didn’t check on my little “seed” of information, since if you Google Tim Wilson, you get a famous country singer with a goatee beard and a cowboy hat.  Maybe that was lost on the Microsoft advocates or maybe they thought it a double bluff, but even the hardened Microsoft Advocates stopped mentioning it, so maybe they are thinking twice? Who cares?

Wine – I recently purchased Dawn of War 2 in a bargain bin at a local closing down store.  It was a bit of a gamble since I couldn’t be sure at the time it would run on Wine.  Happily it does – perfectly, and I’m currently conquering a planet with my Blood Angels. Its a great game and worth a purchase if you are a WH40k fan.

Google drive/docs – I’ve finally started to use Docs/Drive and despite the bad press Google has had recently, I’m very happy with the service, currently I have a few literary projects on the go and Google is great for allowing me to sync my efforts (in realtime) around the house on the plethora of machines I have.  Whilst on the subject of Google, I’m also using G+ far more for my thoughts of the day (to the detriment of mainly because I don’t have the char limit of the “micro-blogging” which in todays information superhighway seems a little…..limiting….  Am I a Google fanboy now? I’ll let you decide.

TechBytes – Recently managed to record two shows with Roy (of which both were great fun) and it was nice getting back into the audio-cast world again.  I sadly had to cancel my appearance on the Crivens show (sorry Gordon) but I am hopeful that there will be an opportunity to go on again soon.

Finally the part which you were waiting for…my trip to the Doctors…… Its a muscle strain.  What was maybe worse is that there’s nothing that can be done and it merely needs to be rested.

Tim (Goblin)


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