Ebook Review: Stone Cold Countenance by Konstantine Paradias

Continuing the (new) trend of visiting independantly/indi published litrature comes a review of Stone Cold Countenance by Konstantine Paradias.  Since I am being sent more review copies by authors, it seemed fitting that I devoted a section to them on OpenBytes.


It’s been ten years since the Vas’Iiri invasion. Since their dehydration bombs drained the Great Lakes dry and their unspeakable magic made the heavens rain salt. Ten years since everything the Old Guard had fought to preserve fell apart around them, centuries of order torn down by betrayal. Now, the killing is done. The usurpers sit on the pilfered thrones that once belonged to their betters, thinking themselves above any sort of retribution. They are wrong. A man comes from the Rift, riding a pitch-black steed. He rides for revenge; not for the sake of duty, but for hate. He kills in the name of ten thousand dead men. He is hunted by the Expungers, the Government’s elite force of bounty hunters. He is sought after by the last surviving Gunsmith and the Black Woman, his sorceress consort. He is stalked by the Yellow Dog, a spirit beast made flesh. And he is accompanied by Cwen, a woman who sees in him the man she had loved and lost at war. Stone Cold Countenance is a fantasy novel, based on the Old West.

Stone Cold Countenance is a western, taking place in a war-torn land recovering from a battle to remove a previous Empire.  Technology is present, but its old and barely understood.  There’s a passing similarity to the world of Warhammer 40k and thats no bad thing since the story not only explores a “lost knowledge” life but also a spiritual one.  It’s often difficult to review a book without giving too much of the story away, but I found this book an interesting, exciting (and times) sad.   Mr Paradias sets up his world very well, I am assuming English is not his first language (since he is from Greece) but his gruesome depictions of some of scene’s had me wincing.

It’s a story about a world of loss, both personal and intellectual and its available on bibliocracy for the excellent price of $1.00.  There can be no better way to spend your time.  At 180 pages its certainly not a marathon read and I will look forward to more work by Mr Paradias in the future.

You can get yourself a copy in the popular formats here:


I hope you support a new and emerging author.

Tim (Goblin)

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