DUPLICITY – Copyright parasites stay silent?

There’s nothing like the smell of duplicity in the morning and maybe that stench is strongest around the annals of the copyright parasites that seek to lobby, legislate and fine, those “evil” people they call “Pirates”.

Of course over the years there has been much pillaging and plundering, but I’d suggest thats more from the large corporatations selling you second rate entertainment products under the false promises of big budget advertising.  “Piracy” has a nasty habit of exposing the rubbish, whilst highlighting the good stuff (which seems to make healthy profits).  So maybe Piracy is responsible for highlighting the poor, low quality products that people dump onto the market?  No wonder some people in the industry are scared.

Apparently, nobody makes a fuss if you have a “legitimate” site and make money from “piracy”. Try that the other way round though…. Duplicity?

I digress, today I am writing about duplicity and would ask you to cast your mind back to when there was noise made regarding the advertising on Pirate Bay.  Firstly there were allegations of the TPB staff making large amounts of money on the back of “legitimate” (and sometimes not so) products/services.  There was allegedly pressure put onto companies who found their advert on TPB and it seemed after all the posturing by the copyright parasites that if your company popped up on TPB, you could expect trouble.

Apparently though this is a one way street and the source of my duplicity article today.  It seems to be that if you own an “evil illegal” BT tracker then you can’t make money from “legitimate” adverts, however if you have a “legitimate” site, its quite fine to make money off the back of piracy.  Confused? You won’t be in a minute.

With the run up to Xmas, I have been looking for DS games as stocking fillers for one of my kids.  Naturally the first place I went was Amazon as myself and my family use the service often.  After looking down lists of titles, my eye noticed (under the sponsored links) a site for “Cheap DS games”.  When looking for stocking fillers, who can resist the word cheap? So I clicked.  What I discovered was quite surprising.  Apparently for a around £20 you can buy a cartridge with the latest DS games (I think it was about 40 of them) on it or pick and choose your own.  Whilst I’m not up to date with the DS gaming scene, I don’t think its wrong of me to say that this is not a Nintendo approved product and more than likely be a little bit moody.  This same advert cropped up on both Amazon and Ebay.

So it appears the golden rule is this: Run a BT tracker making money from legitimate advertising and the copyright parasites will be all over it.  Have a legitimate site and make money from “piracy” – thats ok.   I don’t suppose we can hold Amazon responsible for this ad, although with the number of employee’s you would think they would notice, but where are the copyright parasites in all of this? With a customer base as large as Amazon if they want to claim that piracy is harming the industry, then yet again they have utterly failed in being effective against it.

And in answer to your next question – No I didn’t buy a dodgy DS card.

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