Microsoft products banned from German market!

Whilst Microsoft has been busy creating Android “licenses” with an untested patent claims under secrecy of NDA, one initially could be forgiven for having very little sympathy for Microsoft.  It is being reported that a German court has taken steps to remove Microsoft products from the shelves most notably the 360 and Windows Phone 7 due to infringement claims by Motorola.

In respect of Windows Phone 7, I don’t suppose it’s much of a loss, its failed to grasp the market interest in the same way as Android and Apple and now it looks that even if you did take the chance on WP7, WP8 will be released soon with an apparent lack of ability to upgrade – No surprise to me as I would suggest yet again its Microsoft throwing its hands up in defeat at another product to the expense of the few customers who were unfortunate enough to buy it and acted more like guinea pigs for Microsoft’s latest scheme to get into the smart-phone market.

A court in Mannheim ruled on Wednesday that Microsoft infringed Motorola Mobility’s patents and ordered Microsoft to remove its Xbox 360 gaming consoles and Windows 7 operating system software from the German market.

Source: Rueters

Now whilst it’s tempting to say Microsoft (after its own patent aggression) is getting just what it deserves, it does highlight the bigger picture of why the only winners in these insidious patent cases are the large corporations & lawyers.  The person suffering will be the consumer who has choice removed, prices increased to accommodate these dirty tricks.

One cannot argue that the Xbox360 is a popular product.  How popular? It depends on which country/market you look towards, but suffice to say there are a great many people who have the system.  Now it appears as if German consumers right to choose will be hampered.   Microsoft, I presume, will ultimately have to take this on the chin, they can hardly play the “woe is me” line when they themselves are tackling other markets with similar tactics.

You live by the sword, you die by the sword, so they say.

Tim (Goblin)

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft products banned from German market!

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  1. As been stated, “It is comedic that as a patent extortionist/aggressor microsoft cannot play the ‘victim’ effectively”

    Corporations in technical area (Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, Apple, Big Media (MPAA/RIAA), etc.) are hell bent on charging you for your ideas and thought. Not only are they granted monopolies, they are also backed by on the fly litigation. So called justice departments ignoring (turning a blind eye) or not enforcing existing laws (Sherman Act) and/or making new ones to defend the criminal actions (government subsidised racketeering) they’re continuously committing.

    If the US Gov doesn’t put a leash on these rabid, pet monopolies they’ve
    let loose on the world, then what is it they hope to enforce? Creating an artificial invention of corporate censorship (I.P. – intellectual property) and extortion of natural and intellectual resources (software patents and copyrights) for the sake of holding back other sovereign entities/nations from technical excellence and innovation?

    Knowledge is not property. It is a basic human right. The cost would be a lot higher if software patents is not eliminated sooner rather than later. Since microsoft is the poster boy for software patents then I agree that they should suffer a large dose of their own medicine without any sympathy.

  2. I think (or hope) that with Microsoft’s insistance on attacking others with patents, that they themselves become victims of a “Windows License”. Let’s see them get some of their own medicine whereby whilst they have tried to make a living off others, others come knocking and take money from them.

    Windows 8 will go nowhere, nobody seems interested in WP being the next big thing, Office really is their cashcow and their vestages of enterprise that they convince to move from XP……. lets see some licenses there being pushed on Microsoft as a result of others patent claims.

    I suppose it will be labeled “Microsoft hatred”. It always is when it doesn’t favour Microsoft.

    1. Microsoft’s been attacking Google in one way or another indirectly and by proxy for a long time. They don’t have the backbone to sue them directly. They hit on the manufacturers which use the Android platform but not Google who put it out there. Suing HTC, extorting other smartphone makers, then tablets and ebook readers.

      It was OK for them to buy into Nokia but not Google with Motorola mobile. Now that the shoe is on the other foot with Motorola having essential patents they’re crying crocodile tears.

      But it’s not “Microsoft hatred”. It’s the current business climate big corporations are conveying. Extorting abstract ideas (software patents). Major corporations will spiral out of business the more they hitch their wagons to the swpat-horse. The largest volume sellers of electronics in South America are unheard of no-name, grey market items.

  3. I do love the way (in respect of Google) Microsoft Advocates play the “Google are evil” card, they also use it to say “Look! Linux users are evil too! They support Google and don’t say anything”

    It’s laughable because what they don’t want to acknowledge is that whilst there are some area’s of concern regarding Google (for me anyway), the main reason why I think Google is great is that it winds up Steve Ballmer a treat, it also winds up the Microsoft advocates…they’d love a piece of what Google has, it makes them green with envy.

    As I said on G+ & Diaspora recently – If thats not a reason to love Google, I don’t know what is.

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