I’ve often written about the Microsoft kiss of death, where it appears that Microsoft has a figurative reverse Midas touch.  Instead of turning items to gold, they go the way of the Dodo.  The most recent example of this has to be for me, Nokia and now its Barnes and Noble who have signed up with the Redmond company who seems of late to be trying to buy its way into markets of late with patent claims and “deals” obviously under the shroud of an NDA.

The software giant will invest $300 million in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary, giving it a 17.6 percent equity stake in the company.

Source: Cnet

And you would be forgiven for thinking this is shades of the “Android deals” where Microsoft can’t seem to win the hearts and minds of its consumer with the ailing WP7 but rather take a little from Android phones which do.

A damn good reason to support Amazon and its Kindle or the plethora of alternatives out there.  Unless, you like the idea of yet again Microsoft creaming a little off the top of others products and you funding them doing it.

Tim (Goblin)

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