Nokia’s IPcom patent problem

If it wasn’t bad enough that Nokia backed the three legged horse in the smartphone race (Windows Phone 7), its now got another problem on its hands.

It is reported by the Wall Street Journal that a court has ruled Nokia is infringing a patent belonging to IPCom:

The ruling means IPCom could seek an injunction to force Nokia to halt sales of its third-generation mobile phones in Germany unless Nokia pays a license fee for the patent.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Can things get any worse?

Elop’s “burning platform” seems to still be burning…. How long before it burns out?

Tim (Goblin)

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4 thoughts on “Nokia’s IPcom patent problem

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  1. IMHO; It’s, “Be careful what you wish for…”

    In this case patent/copyright extortion. The tool of greedy corporate CEOs and their piglets; get whatever you can get and get out, without any thought of what happens to the landscape for others afterwards. Fools with no long term vision. You can see that happening in the majority of US corporations today, i.e. Eastman Kodak (bankrupt).

    Most of the better CEOs are either retired or passed away and you get people like Balmer, Elop, etc.

  2. Agree, I think there are only two ways to look at Elop and his efforts…either the rumours/allegations are true and he is a Microsoft mole, or (and I think this more likely) he is just a useless CEO who turned Nokia bad times into the complete disaster they are now.

    Either way, I don’t think his CV will look too good when his “burning platform” finally burns itself out.

    1. The issue I see in this is that they’re exporting this type of behaviour to other sovereign nations and companies such as Nokia are failing because of it.

      The fiasco which Glynn Moody uncovered in the UK Gov. detailing microsoft sabotage of open standards should be further investigated and people responsible tried in court; starting with microsoft.

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