As WP7 languishes in (at best) apparent apathy by the masses, is it prepared to suck in anything that surrounds it - such as Nokia with its "agreement" with the platform people don't seem to want?

Microsoft’s WP7 can be summarized by giving the example of a star collapsing in on itself – its dragging everything near it, in with it.  Nokia who to be fair have been suffering of late seem now to be in the death throes since their “arrangement” with Microsoft.

Nokia shares crashed 15 per cent yesterday as the Finnish mobile phone company admitted its profits will be hit by competition


What is maybe more surprising is that it appeared when Nokia took steps to recover, one facet being a Microsoft relationship, many tech writers and commenter saw this coming.  Mr Elop and his “burning platform” (his words) seems to have doused the flames with petrol – figuratively speaking.   In my view, if the allegations of Mr Elop being sent by Microsoft to destroy Nokia are not correct, then it shows on his part a catastrophic failure to be able to lead the company to the slightest glimmer of hope for recovery.

With 14,000 layoffs rumoured and issues with their recent Lumia 900 model, the question now isn’t will Nokia recover its bad fortunes, but more how long has it got left?

With WP7, I’d guess not long.  A reader from the Independent makes the following observation, which certainly goes to explain why the mainstream consumer is choosing Android or Apple products:

Nokia don’t deserve this.  The Microsoft ‘Special relationship’ is a disaster for them.  It’s almost as if Microsoft sent Elop in to destroy Nokia.  Windows Phone stinks.  Nobody wants it.  – On anybody’s hardware, not even Nokia’s.  The situation is now worse than if Nokia had stuck with Symbian.  At least people liked that OS.

I’ve said before that I believe a deal with Microsoft often results in a reverse Midas touch – that which it touches it ruins.

Tim (Goblin)

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