More bad fortune for Nokia – The Microsoft disaster

As WP7 languishes in (at best) apparent apathy by the masses, is it prepared to suck in anything that surrounds it - such as Nokia with its "agreement" with the platform people don't seem to want?

Microsoft’s WP7 can be summarized by giving the example of a star collapsing in on itself – its dragging everything near it, in with it.  Nokia who to be fair have been suffering of late seem now to be in the death throes since their “arrangement” with Microsoft.

Nokia shares crashed 15 per cent yesterday as the Finnish mobile phone company admitted its profits will be hit by competition


What is maybe more surprising is that it appeared when Nokia took steps to recover, one facet being a Microsoft relationship, many tech writers and commenter saw this coming.  Mr Elop and his “burning platform” (his words) seems to have doused the flames with petrol – figuratively speaking.   In my view, if the allegations of Mr Elop being sent by Microsoft to destroy Nokia are not correct, then it shows on his part a catastrophic failure to be able to lead the company to the slightest glimmer of hope for recovery.

With 14,000 layoffs rumoured and issues with their recent Lumia 900 model, the question now isn’t will Nokia recover its bad fortunes, but more how long has it got left?

With WP7, I’d guess not long.  A reader from the Independent makes the following observation, which certainly goes to explain why the mainstream consumer is choosing Android or Apple products:

Nokia don’t deserve this.  The Microsoft ‘Special relationship’ is a disaster for them.  It’s almost as if Microsoft sent Elop in to destroy Nokia.  Windows Phone stinks.  Nobody wants it.  – On anybody’s hardware, not even Nokia’s.  The situation is now worse than if Nokia had stuck with Symbian.  At least people liked that OS.

I’ve said before that I believe a deal with Microsoft often results in a reverse Midas touch – that which it touches it ruins.

Tim (Goblin)

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16 thoughts on “More bad fortune for Nokia – The Microsoft disaster

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  1. As granpa use to say, “Everything is in the wheel. What goes around comes around”.

    Steve Balmer said “Linux was a cancer, everthing it touches…”
    Look at what’s happening with everything microsoft’s touches.

  2. True….!

    I used to often quote that one when Microsoft would claim to be “loving the Linux”…… Microsoft has more faces than Mount Rushmore…..

  3. Nokia is leading the way for Microsoft 🙂

    Seriously. Talk to Joe or Jane Average. Not the power user, the average user, the person who uses a computer to get things done, not because they love them.

    Joe and Jane Average despise Microsoft. I’ve asked, and they’d dump Microsoft in a second. The problem is most of them don’t see how they can avoid Microsoft, at least not on the Desktop. On other platforms, they are mostly buying “Anything but Microsoft” with Microsoft generally being in third place, other then when Sony goes out of its way to prove they are just as big a bunch of jerks.

    Meanwhile Apple still has a good reputation. If they are careful, they’ll keep it. Reputation pays.


    1. IMHO, I agree that microsoft is a stain on the the tech industry, but apple, oracle and others are going down the same route of self destruction using software patent extortion.

  4. The only chance Nokia has, is if they threw out the MS camp and embraced Linux or Android or even both. It won’t be immediate success, but at least it would have a fighting chance. If they continue with their current choice of OS, they will turn to dust in the wind.

    1. Ha…. Mr. Ellop won’t allow to do that. He wnats to spend every penny of Nokia’s money and assets to increase marketshare of Microsoft Windows Phone.

      1. elop will make sure that nokia sinks and gets bought over by microsoft. at any point of time if nokia is bought by microsoft, ever, elop should be tried for high treason – he single handedly sunk a nation’s fortune!

  5. Mr. Stephen Elop has arrived to Nokia and managed the board to dump (kill) Symbian and go with Microsoft Windows Phone. All his interests are on Microsoft side and nothing on Nokia side. He is spending every penny of Nokia’s money and assets to increase / boost marketshare of Microsoft Windows Phone at any cost.

    Otherwise, Android on Lumia 900 is simply great. Lumia with Android may not be success immediately but Nokia can easily compete with Samsung and others with Android OS and their great hardware.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Elop won’t do that.

    1. yeah. android on lumia 900 would be fantastic. or android on pureview 808 – would have been fantastic!

  6. The bad side is that Mr. Elop has apparently not yet found a “better” placement and sticks still to Nokia for some critical time period.

  7. the whole all or nothing bet by elop – putting all eggs in one basket – microsoft’s is going to hurt nokia bitterly. his idea was to push all the pro-symbian/ meego/ open source camp in nokia into the microsoft camp. he did it publicly and is now paying for the mistake. microsoft’s offering is something no one wants – clearly, no single company has done well with their latest offering for the last 2 years now.

  8. @Ashok pai:

    Thanks for the great input. Its really appreciated. Whilst I have a busy period at work OpenBytes is taking a small break, so its nice to see people still contributing….. As I say to any person who spends time contributing, if you would like an article posted here, just drop me a line, I would be very happy for more help!

    Kindest regards

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