The Digital Britain we knew would #fail – DIY Super-Fast Broadband

Readers may remember that a while ago, amongst the plethora of rubbish that comes from the orifices of Government was “Digital Britain”.  It was a bold proclaimation of how Britain was going to embrace the digital world.   As we knew then, we see now, it was all “Digital B*ll*cks” since those meetings upon meetings intersperced with interviews and press releases all ended in….nothing.

Unbeknownst to the country at the time, the “Big Society” catchphrase which was never explained (although its premise seemed to be having the tax payer do the jobs for free that they were paying taxes for) seems to now be creeping into the digital world as a community who were fed up of waiting for Digital Britain to come out of the stone age have taken matters into their own hands:

but one community in the UK apparently got so fed up with waiting for a big broadband provider to bring service to their village that they not only started setting up their own system, but they literally got dozens of residents tohelp them start digging the 51 mile-long trench

Source: Techdirt

So you want ultra fast connection to the net? Looks like instead of waiting on yet another Government promise/pledge youre better off picking up a shovel and doing the job yourself…  This Big Society, its great isn’t it?

Tim (Goblin)

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